McQueen Magnificence!

Jessica Chastain, you definitely did not need any Help with this masterpiece!

My one word to describe this outfit: breathtaking!

Intricacy, regality, and artistry all mixed into one exquisite outfit!

This Alexander McQueen creation was by far one of the most daring, risky dresses that was worn on the red carpet this Oscar Sunday. Not only was it unexpected and completely original, it was also on trend! The colors gold and black are very big this upcoming spring and McQueen sure did not disappoint! With its rusty gold, butterfly effect embroidery and remarkable texture, this dress was by far one of my favorites. It manifested a theatrical and regal air as Chastain walked gracefully on the red carpet. Jessica Chastain looked both imperial and radiant. Although Chastain did not win the Oscar for best supporting actress, she was a fashion winner in my book!

The Glitz and Glamour of the Golden Statue

Ah, the Oscars, a time when Hollywood’s leading actors and actresses come together to celebrate the film industry. It is a time when a variety of designers unite together with one set goal in mind; the desire to create something unique and memorable.

As the red carpet rolled out and the limos pulled up the street, the Oscars had truly begun!

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the fashion I saw this year. There were no big mishaps, no horrible, tacky dresses that exuded terror rather than beauty. Instead, there were beautiful creations that defined structure and grace. The designs were subtle, and most importantly elegant. There was an undeniable radiance as the actresses graced the red carpet with their all too perfect white smiles. From one-shoulder drapery to conservative long sleeves, fashion took many unique forms. Dresses of gold, white, and red encompassed actresses silhouettes as jewels of exorbitant prices graced their necks, ears, and wrists. I almost felt as if I were in Old Hollywood, with the glam of past actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor coming to life.  I decided to pick out my three top red-carpet outfits that I felt were the most stunning and noteworthy.

Over the next week I will profile my three favorite outfits. Make sure to check back!