Tailored with a Twist!

It is time to crop those customary suits and color them bold!

Suits are undergoing a transition…from reserved and stiff to loud and fun!

When one pictures a suit, they typically think of the “typical black-suit” with a tailored blazer and a pair of slacks. The colors are usually neutral with the typical, muted look. The designs are usually minimal with a professional and traditional appearance. Let’s face it,  the typical suit is conservative. There are no thrilling characteristics–nothing that gives it that perfect, individual sparkle….

However, for this spring, the runways are heating up with a new kind of suit that is both chic and exciting! Say goodbye to dark and subtle and hello to bright and bold! Say goodbye to long and dull and hello to short and sweet!

Who needs pants when you can have shorts?

This redefined Prabal Gurung suit is new, sleek, and lively! Dominating and creative, this great, individual suit is structured and appealing! The shiny silk black blazer (with white rectangular lapels and simple pocketed design) and the silky purple shorts make the whole outfit complete! With manipulated purple floral prints on a matching, beautiful blouse, this newly developed short suit gives work fashion a whole new meaning! The outfit is youthful, adventurous, and cultured! It is not what is typically expected and that is what makes it all the more enticing!

Gladiators and goddesses, basics and studs, Versace delved into feelings of power, confidence, and class for this spring. This white suit above is absolutely perfect! Designed with a clean white coloration and accented with golden studs, this short suit look is a mixture of femininity with a rough edge! Past suits are long forgotten with this reformed suit’s simplistic white tailored shorts and studded cropped jacket and shirt. With an aesthetic design and shiny golden pumps, this whole outfit gives off personality and determination!

This eye-catching spring trend is certainly inviting! With an array of colors, textures, and designs, there are so many possibilities! As the sun shines and the flowers bloom this spring, put on a sharp short suit and relish in its charm and allure!

It is time to change it up!

It is time to wear a short suit!


Seductive Courtesans and a Can-Can Dance!

Lights, entertainment, and romance–Paris is a city of immense beauty and intelligence! Traveling to Paris, one can take in the beautiful sight of the Eiffel Tower or debate artistic wonders in the Louvre. However, there is one location in Paris that truly speaks volumes to me in a way that is deeply unforgettable. With a red windmill on its roof, this location is called the Moulin Rouge.

Lets travel back in time to the year 1889, a year of progress and innovation. Paris was (and still is, may I add) a city of dreams. It was ablaze with trade, tourism, and wealth. Enlightened men and women let their minds roam free, as the city advanced culturally, artistically, and technologically. Let’s also though look back at one specific location that opened in the chilly month of October, 1889 on Paris’s lively streets. Called the Moulin Rouge, this brand new music hall was far from chilly. It was filled with laughter, warmth, and exhiliration! The city of Paris was abuzz concerning the opening of what would become one of the most famous cabarets in the world. It’s nickname was “Le Premier Palais des Femmes”- The First Palace of Women. And it most certainly was!

The Moulin Rouge was a flexible dance hall, brothel, and theater. With animated music and dramatics, the Moulin Rouge was a place where morals were abandoned and restrictions were ignored. A new, imaginative world emerged that overcame reality. Young Parisian women danced the Can-Can as optimistic, extravagant shows went on through the night. Unique, entertaining dance moves and aerobatic tricks of high-kicks, cartwheels, and splits brought the colorful theater to life!

As the actions in the theater were fun and inviting, the fashions in the theater were daring and unconstrained! This scandalous place brought forth fantastic costumes with feathers, rhinestones, and sequins. The young Can-Can dancers wore expressive, bright outfits that were theatrically electrifying. Bustiers and layered tulle skirts, the Moulin Rouge was a place where fashion was deliberately sexy! With a theme of “fin de siècle chic,” the fashion of the Moulin Rouge exhibited anticipation for the progressive future. It was energetic, luxurious, and had an undeniable attractive thrill!

The Moulin Rouge was and still is a place of fashion, freedom, adventure, and celebration! Laughter and cheers mix into its captivating appeal and atmosphere. The Moulin Rouge was not simply a place where women danced and music played. It was a place where a new culture pushed forward–a culture where men and women alike enjoyed life and reveled in merriment, love, and excitement!

It’s a 3-D world out there…

Fashion is officially alive as it enters the third dimension! Through its exploration into the world of 3-D textures, patterns, and materials, fashion has been awakened! While 3-D movies are reaching astounding heights of popularity, 3-D fashions are rocking the runways for this spring. This form of entertainment gives the illusion of a continuous movement and of a realistic appearance. Whether they are dainty aqua flowers or textured fluffy ruffles, fashion has entered the moving world of 3-D and has experimented with its creativeness and mass appeal.

Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Oscar de la Renta, are some of the talented design brands that are delving into this typical cinematic experience of perspective and clarity. These designers have brought their designs out and beyond the fabric. These designers have brought eccentric designs forward, for all to see.

This feminine, Louis Vuitton, 3-D structured dress is soft and full of daises! Daises are truly blooming from this dresses structure and shape. They are enveloping Marc Jacobs’s fashion merry-go-round! These 3-D accents add to the piece’s fun, lively appeal and make the dress more textured and inviting. With a clear, plastic look and a modern, sleek form, this dress is perfectly optimistic and beautifully ready for spring!

With innovative techno fabrics and detailed pearls, Karl Lagerfeld did not disappoint with his Spring 2012 Chanel collection. Taking inspiration from the sea, this dress above works the ocean with 3-D magic. With pastel light green ruffles, an encrusted ornate front, and stringy pieces of fabric on the shoulders and bottom, the plants of the sea have emerged! 3-D textures, embellished designs, pastel colors– this dress was magnificent!

Neutral colors are no longer boring with this exuberant, Oscar de la Renta, stylish dress! With 3-D white paper-cut looking flowers emerging from the fabric, this dress relishes in its inventiveness! Taking a fun approach to spring, Oscar created a dress that is both interesting and stimulating! Contrasting white with black, the whole outfit is perfect! With a 3-D textured clutch, oxford style high heels, and a beaded black necklace, this look was amazing!

Get ready…

Get set…

Fashion world… it is time to enter the third dimension!

A Painter’s Canvas on a Designer’s Runway

The designer picks up the needle. The painter picks up the brush. The runway is set-up. The brand new canvas is freshly placed on the easel. Adjustments are made to the designs. Adjustments are made to the colors on the palette. The lights dim. The brush is held steady. The show begins.

Fashion is art. This statement shows a connection that is accurate and revealing. Fashion and art incorporate design and expression. They prevail in their ingenuity as they apply an array of skills and crafts to their imaginative pieces. The visual sight, whether it may be a detailed fashion or a dreamy painting, exhibits artistry and beauty. Both fashion and art exude creativity in their movement, appearance, and definition. There could be inventiveness in their simplicity, ornamentation, or even their structure. The intentions of a designer and the intentions of a painter are the same. They both want to send a message to the viewer that is powerful and telling. They want the viewer to look into their artistic works and discover the messages they wish to express. Designers and painters tell stories of romance, pain, mystery, and rejuvenation. They reveal secrets beneath their colorful fabrics and expressive canvases. Fashion and art form a world of their own–a world filled with life, possibility, and freedom.

Some designers even incorporate famous paintings in their own individual designs…

The sister designers of Rodarte showed this relation by traveling into the sunflower fields of the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh’s mind and expressing his famous series of paintings entitled Sunflowers on the runway for this spring. In the painting and on the runway, the colors are vibrant and express the energy of a sunflower–bright yellow blooms affirming life and vivacity. These sunflowers, whether they are woven into the adorned dress and embroidered into its light ruffles, or painted on a simple canvas, are optimistic and full of imagination. Fashion and art are interconnected into something that is beautiful and stunning.

Raf Simons, the past creative director (now the creative director of Christian Dior) of Jil Sander, is another designer this spring that intertwined the craft of art with the design of fashion. With modern, arty designs, locating inspiration from the mid-century modern design movement, Picasso’s famous ceramics are reborn. Simons renders Picasso’s 2-D blue and black features on small, white, graphic sweaters. The ceramics, like the designs on the runway, reveal irrefutable qualities of spontaneity and animation. Both exhibit a modern, contemporary style that is fresh and fun!

Models strut down the runway. The painter’s view comes to light. The designer takes his or her final bow. The painter smiles in triumph. The show is finished. The masterpiece is completed. Fashion and art are connected. An artistic fantasy is achieved.

Dainty Pastels and Wild Prints

One thing I love about fashion is the ability it has to make you challenge yourself. You could be crazy, daring, and deliver quite an unforgettable presence. Or you could be quiet, reserved, uncomplicated, and still have a hidden bold edge that comes out with a certain statement piece or a simple piece of jewels. Fashion gives you the ability to be anybody you want! Do you wish to be a “femme fatale”? Do you wish to be a pure angelic wonder? It is your choice!

The reason I mentioned all of these important things above is because of two upcoming trends for this spring. These trends prove that fashion is a challenge–whether it is a daring choice or a reserved find. One of these trends is almost serene in its sweet but bold nature. On the other hand, one of these trends is clearly bold in its design and artistic quality. Whatever the choice may be, both make a statement that is unforgettable.

These fantastic trends are pastels and prints.


Sweet and beautiful, these sorbet hues are a must have trend for this spring. With their uncomplicated silhouettes and clean-cut simplicity, pastels are perfect and pleasing! They speak volumes in their own way with their serene quality and aura. Pastels can be even more striking by simply adding…more pastels! With a variety of colors such as purple, light green, and powder blue, pastels truly blossom the runways for this spring.


Inspired by retro patterns and colorful hues, these crazy prints are wildly dynamic. These graphic prints give off tons of energy with their matchless, kooky designs! They are abstract with their bright colors, big florals, and abstract digital graphics. These graphics could be scenes of nature with manipulated flora and striking green leaves. These graphics could be scenes of the tropics with coconuts and palm leaves. They give you a daring edge, a fearless personality. This trend almost looks like an optical illusion. It is a hallucination of brilliance!

Whether they are bold, energetic, simple, or exuberant, pastels and prints are simply and madly incredible!