The Imaginative, Futuristic, Dazzling Daphne

Heiress, Artist, Actress, Muse, Model, Collector, Designer, Icon…

Who is Daphne Guinness?

Daphne Guinness is the Queen of Haute Couture. She is one of the most original, innovative, daring individual leaders of the fashion world. Her style is aesthetic. Her design is romantically filled with nature, intellectuality, and passion. Her expression is one of confidence–a willingness to discover new forms, conceptions, and features of the fashion world. She captures the essence and grace of fashion in what she wears. She presents herself as a unique individual- ignoring judgements, harsh opinions, or criticisms. She wears what she feels. She feels what she wears. Guinness connects with the architecturally magnificent designs she puts on her body. Fashion is her armour–a cultivated style of elegance, imagination, and ingenuity. She is not eccentric. She is Daphne.

Daphne Diana Joan Susanna Guinness is a true artist. She is the heir of Arthur Guinness, the 18th-century inventor of the beer that still bears the same name. She has a devotion to the sound of music, to the raw honest beauty of literature, and to the visionary, inventive world of art. She also has an undeniable infatuation with the mystical and exquisite fashion world.

Guinness is completely and utterly fearless in what she wears. She leaps beyond the conventions of everyday society. She soars beyond the mundane actions of everyday life. She truly becomes her own person. She brings the beauty of couture to life on the streets. She makes fashion have a distinct personality. She allows fashion to take the reins. Her appearances are matchless. Her fashion wit and insight is remarkable. She is simply extraordinary.

Daphne Guinness embraces the essence of nature and the aura of creation. Her fashion lives by the romantic thought and action. Her own inner self appreciates the earth in its natural, breathtaking qualities. Her and her style relishes in the complexities of human nature. Her ideals are the same as the romantic thinkers of those past times ago. Her ideals are the same as her great, deceased friend Alexander McQueen. Pure nature is uncultivated, uncontrolled, spontaneous, and fascinating. Emotion is lustful, bewitching, and genuine. Romanticism comes to life through what she wears.

Daphne Guinness is both admirable and stunning. She treats fashion as a delicacy. She treats designs as ideas and pieces of worth and authentic originality. She is a magnificent human being with an ardor for self-appreciation, character, and glistening grace. Her fashionable, aesthetic pieces speak volumes. Her personal ambition is strong and almighty.

An illuminated wonder of culture, flavor, and power…Daphne Guinness is authentically and theatrically enchanting.

“I don’t approach fashion; fashion approaches me.” –Daphne Guinness


Under the Fashionable “Big Top”

The wagons come to a stop, the horses are hitched on, the materials are unloaded ..

The stakes are driven, the poles are up, the canvases are unrolled and laced together ..

The horses begin to move forward, the men begin to pull, the canvas begins to rise ..

The enormous “Big Top” rises above the clouds.

The circus has come to town…

Picture yourself in an atmosphere of thrill and excitement. Picture yourself in a world of danger, talent, mystery, and color. Picture yourself at the circus. The sun is shining. The noise is booming. The laughter is singing in the air. The aura of the setting is breathtaking–an exotic place of movement, joy, and beauty. Entertainment reigns supreme. The ceremonies begin, the march tunes scream with vigor. Little kids run to the animals and the performers. People begin to run to a new, undiscovered world of brightness.

Under the big top, aerialists are swinging and flipping, as if they were floating in the air. Lions, tigers, and panthers are growling in strength and determination. Clowns are running around, driving in little toy cars, with make up caked on their faces. Wire walkers perform on dangerous high wires, tightly keen to perception. The ringmaster’s voice booms, full of energy and enthusiasm. The lights dim as the show begins.

Dating back to the early 20th C., circuses have attracted the young and the old, regardless of personal bias, culture, or judgement. They are enchanting and captivating. They rule in their entertaining glory. Circuses appeal to the senses. The eyes see a glittering spectacle. The nose smells popcorn and hot dogs. The ears hear amusement and glee. Circuses are creative in their outer and inner appearance. Circuses are, most importantly, creative in fashion.

Circus fashion and costume is fascinating. It has an indisputable allure and an adventurous quality. The costumes illuminate with zest. The costumes sparkle with charm and flavor. These costumes represent timeless cultures, ethnic wonderments . They reflect on freedom. They relish in their individual liberties and bewitching qualities. Circus fashions are undaunted by social constrictions. Circus fashions are neither timid nor shy. As the trapeze artists fly and the performers dance, elaborate costumes full of glitter, shine, and flare grace their bodies. Magical fashions of theatrical artistry overwhelm the spectacle. Leotards, corsets, headpieces, sequins, and stripes…this is the fashion of the circus. And this remarkable fashion has reappeared in a wonderful Resort Collection for 2013…

Marc Jacobs uses his talented design capabilities to create a exquisite circus inspired collection. This collection is fun, wild, and loud. There are wacky “rag doll” dresses, oversized proportions, prints of flowers, squares, and polka dots. Jacobs effectively transports the viewer back to the circus, back to the mystical world underneath the “Big Top.” The collection’s fashionable insanity and showy appeal, is full of culture, kaleidoscopic color, and picturesque genius.

Prints of clashing designs, pops of intense colors, and sequins galore, this collection remembers the circus and appreciates its playful charm.

With an existence of daring action, luminous fashion, and unforgettable expertise, the world renown intrigue of the circus is proudly seen and heard.

Distinguished Designs of the Stylish Streets

Styles, appearances, designs, spirits, trends, and varieties…

Streets, avenues, boulevards, highways, lanes, and passages…

Street Style.

Street style is simply breathtaking. It has character, quality, and individuality. It catches eyes and manifests color, texture, and image. Full of zest and life, street style is full of creative dreams. It intensifies the dynamics of the city street. It absorbs the essence of unique design. It savors expression and risk. With street style, no two looks are the same–the diversity of the style embraces the inner conscious. With street style, the mind thinks on its own accord. It is an outlet to fierce energy and strong courage. There is no fear–there is only awed animation.

The style livens up the soul. The style brightens up the streets. The style is unparalleled.

Recently I did a post called Through Vision and Sight. This post examined the power of fashion photography and the creative qualities it and street style emphasize. I realized while doing this post that there were so many other cities of fashion that I wished to include. To strengthen street style’s appeal and to further express the raw beauty of street style photography, I decided to include some other city street fashions below…

Milan…an International Capital of Industrial and Modern Design

Sydney…”The Harbour City”

Tokyo… The “Eastern Capital” Metropolis

Hipster and Sleek…The Styles of the Streets

A brilliant utopia of design…

Photo Credits- Vogue

Into the Depths of Black and White

With modern technology, there is progress, advancement, and calculation. There is a desire to see new things, discover new formulaic approaches, delve into a world of electronic glory. But with this modern technology comes a loss of the raw beauty and simplicity of the past. This rising, modern culture overwhelms the still wonderful, breathtaking culture of those memorable years ago. The past, however, is making a comeback. It is rising above modernity in a photographically passionate way. The remembrance of past individualities, excellencies, and daring emotional activities is being brought to life once again. Goodbye to color…

And hello to black and white!

Black and white photography is stunning in its aesthetic and emotional quality. Photos of black and white convey deeper senses of meaning and feeling. They have indisputable powers that capture one’s attention. Black and white photography keeps a viewer intrigued–its allure grabs the viewer’s eyes and mind. It is a mystified photographic setting of imagination. From a subtle hand gesture of grace to a powerful stance of grandeur and confidence, from a sensual romantic quality to a carefree stance on life, black and white photography leaves its mark.

With a superiority that is unmatchable, black and white photography has returned. And it has returned with a force that cannot be ignored. This force has transformed the world of today into a world of more creativity and unconscious artistic beauty. This force has also transformed the portrayal of fashion in the world.

Black and white photography, throughout the years, has given fashion a newfound sense of dignity, presence, and worthiness. With effective lightened and darkened tones, it develops fashion in a way that conveys a deeper sense of understanding. It gives fashion a quality of stylish class and luxury. The fashion image could give off feelings of joy, melancholy, secrecy, and inspiring warmth. This photographic wonder creates a work of art that appeals to one’s senses. It gives the picture a mood. It gives the fashions a voice. Rather than dull and boring, black and white photography is full of life and glitter. Fashion soars off of the image- the heart feels the true, almighty quality of the piece of clothing.

Here are some black and white fashion photographs throughout the years…

Black and white photography speaks to a deeper truth. It leaves a lasting impact that effects the viewer psychologically and physically. It creates a lasting image of time, worth, and elegance. It captures fashion in a way that is mystically alluring.

A delicate image of the past. A fascinating image of the present…

This is the power of black and white photography.

The Elegantly Custom Stitch

“High Sewing”  “High Dressmaking”  “High Fashion”

…this is haute couture.

One of my great loves in this massive fashion universe is the magical world of Haute Couture. Combining luxurious fabrics, custom fitted designs, and elegant, time-consuming stitchings, haute couture is attentive and beautiful. When a model walks down the runway in a couture piece, one cannot help but become transfixed by its detailed texture and creative, wealthy quality. Haute couture is admirable in its dramatic shine and flare.

From sheer draping to printed florals, from beaded jewels to a wondrous essence, haute couture gowns and fashions are filled with exuberant taste, grace, and inventiveness. Affiliated with the dramatics, these pieces of design are effectively emotional, electrifying, and expressive. Haute couture is in its own caliber of worth. It glitters in its unique and marvel qualities. It demises casual comforts. It embraces sensational delicacies.

Here are some beautiful haute couture looks…

Encrustations of delicate beads, sequins , and pearls, layers of lush, effervescent fabrics of wealth–haute couture is matchless. It lacks simplicity and boredom. It advances in attention-grabbing highness and excellence. Embroidered craftsmanship and scrutiny make these fashions all the more breathtaking. Haute couture is an inspired delight of allure. It creates a gracious connection with the world of everyday to the whimsical world of infinity.

Inevitable changeabilities,   Infinite possibilities,   Irreplaceable varieties.

…haute couture.

In order of runway appearance…

Valentino- Spring 2012 Couture

Giambattista Valli- Spring 2012 Couture

Jean Paul Gaultier- Spring 2012 Couture 

Graffiti Dresses on Brick Walls

In cities, there is expression. There are endless opportunities to reveal inner beliefs, stress concerns, and pass critical views. There is an indisputable freedom–freedom of opinion and action. On the streets, there is decoration and personality. There are endless brick walls of design, color, and ideas. There are surfaces of rugged textures relishing in their artistic and imaginative appeal–there is talent, passion, viewpoint, and emotion. These wonderful creations are part of the broad, inventive world of street art.

Street art is captivating. It excels in its urban environment and both beautifies and regenerates the city appearance. These public visual works live off of their own unique language. Street artists use graffiti, street posters, stencils, sculpture, and more, to bring their views and contemporary edge to light.

One form of street art, graffiti, truly captivates this cultured taste and social attraction. Graffiti is a memorable form of individual attitude and artistic speech and style. Graffiti makes a statement that is hard to forget. It addresses controversial issues and beautifies them with colorful words and embellished designs. It speaks beyond the brick wall.

Graffiti has a purpose. And the fashion world has translated this purpose through spray-painted dresses and splattered fabrics. Fashion becomes graffiti as graffiti becomes fashion.

Bringing graffiti to life on the runway…

Street art is a form of liberty and flexibility. It is wildly bold and daringly controversial. It is artistically stimulating and enlightening. It makes an unforgettable presence and leaves an unremovable mark in the curious minds of the world.

Fashion is…well, I think I answered that question just above!

Runway looks…Manish Arora Autumn/ Winter 2012-13. Paris.