Wonderful, Splendid Mad-Hatter Craziness!

Hats could be worn for many different reasons…

They could be worn for protection against enviornmental elemants. They could be worn for religious reasons–celebrations of devotion and praise. They could be worn as a safety precaution, as a head-cover against mighty, strong objects. They could be worn to denote one’s nationality or military regiment.


Hats could be worn as something daring and wild. Hats could be worn as something elegant and sophisticated. Hats are wonderfully aesthetic fashion accessories!

For Fall 2012, hats are very much in style. They have been seen on the runways countless times–from dark fur head pieces to Dr. Seuss-like appeals. They have been seen in the stores in numerous, zany ways–colors of hot pink, powder blue, moss green, and chocolate brown. They have been seen in magazines–in lush editorials and photo shoots with meaning and detail. Hats are truly everywhere!

Hats have been in the fashion world for ages! They have been in style since the times of early Greece and Rome. They have transformed significantly through the ages. From petasos to veils to hoods to caps. From top hats to bonnets to cloche hats. From skull caps to turban pieces to felt hats. From dainty lightness to flamboyent wearable art pieces, hats have returned with emotion, lust, and pure, raw desire.

On the runways for this Fall, hats have arisen to popularity once again. They have arrived under the sparkling runway lights. They have developed into designs of creativity and pleasure. The styles of these hats range from fur accents to ornamented textures. They cover a wide spectrum of kooky appeal and uncomplicated grace. They cover a color spectrum of bright, jeweled hues to subtle, muted tones. A mad-hatter appeal, a rich, luxurious want, a vintage old age admiration…these hats are remarkable.

With Marc Jacobs “Alice in Wonderland” inspiration and Louis Vuitton extravagancy, with Roberto Cavalli’s feathered masterpieces, with Anna Sui’s playful owls, with Ralph Lauren’s ’20s boyish allure and charm, and with Missoni’s fur fancies, …it is clear that the hats are soaring into the atmosphere of fashion!

Some of these fascinating cozy and quirky hats…

Marc Jacobs

Louis Vuitton 

Roberto Cavalli

Anna Sui

Ralph Lauren


Hats, hats, and more hats—what’s not to love about them?

Let’s tip our hats off to diversity, spirit, and wildness…


Kiss Curled Blue Hair with a Brilliant, Loud Hat

In the world of fashion and style, it is important to be yourself. It is important to be an individual, unafraid of ugly judgements or obnoxious remarks. It is important to express your beliefs and inner attributes. And to not be afraid of harsh criticism or opinion. It is about wearing what you want to wear. It could be a frilly, tulle dress; it could be a metallic, leather bodice; it could be a neon colored skirt…it could be anything– it just has to be you. And there is a woman in the fashion world who goes by this mind-set effectively and proudly. This woman is brazen and unafraid. She is ready for any challenge given to her. This woman is a visionary who wears a stylish hat with energy and vivacity. This woman is Anna Piaggi.

Why wear one color when you can wear many? Why wear one print when you can wear more? Why shy away from boldness when you could embrace it?

Born in 1931, Anna Piaggi is a true fashion icon in the industry. She has worked and acted as a translator, a writer, an editor, a consultant, and a muse to the world of fashion. She expresses herself through the written word and most significantly through what she wears. She has worked for Vogue Italia, Mondadori, Vanity, and many more publications. She speaks her mind, carrying with her a powerful essence of pure exuberance, artistic chic, influential uniqueness, and eclectic taste. Sitting down with her red manual Olivetti valentine typewriter, wearing a signature, bold hat, speaking in six different languages, Anna Piaggi writes what she feels and what she wishes to express. She speaks through her manner of dress.

Why always wear a piece of simplicity when you could sometimes wear a piece of spontaneity? Why wear something bland when you could wear something loud? Why shy away from inner desire when you could use it to your own free will?

Anna Piaggi’s style is eccentric, boisterous, audacious, provoking, and glorious. It has been recognized by fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, shoe designer Manolo Blahnik, and British milliner Stephen Jones. Noticed since the early 1960s, Piaggi’s choice of dress is outside the typical realm of fashion. And that is what makes her presence heard. She is simply legendary–her modernist outlook and approach to the fashion world does not go unnoticed. There is no chronology in her clothing, there is only unpredictability–she could combine a 100 year old Poiret gown with a pair of 1920s shoes and a cheerful, lively hat. She takes inspiration from the past and the present. She mixes up designers, trends, and themes. She relishes in personal uniqueness and fearless individuality.

Piaggi has a sophisticated wit and charm. She is avant-garde in her style of dress and wear. She is new in her longevity and outlook. She is fresh in her vintage pieces from the 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond. With Piaggi, age is just a number. She has a vitality that many do not have. She has a force of energy that is not meant to be copied. Anna Piaggi is a form of art, a wonder of fashion, a cultured intellectual, and an inspiration. She is a splatter of color and shine. She is a print of zest and suave. She is a feeling of aesthetic texture.

Anna Piaggi is and will continue to be a legend in the fashion universe. She soars beyond others with her influential statements and outfits of significance. She is a woman who colors her face with color, dresses her body with funky dress, and thinks with her mind of thought. She is an icon of style and fashion…

And she is an icon with an impeccable taste in hats!

Why wear outfits with no meaning when you can wear outfits full of emotion? Why wear fashions lacking personal joy when you can wear fashions full of inner happiness and content? Why shy away from individual taste when you can love it as its own entity?

Why not just be yourself?

The Power, Beauty, and Luxury of Silence

An old, worn out strip of film rolls across the screen…

The viewer captures a scene of honest emotion, whimsical serenity, and loving delight. A stoic man in a sharp three piece suit walks at a unchanging pace. The suit is elegant; the outfit is classically alluring. As the film continues, a young, carefree flapper runs into the scene. Her drop waist chiffon gown glitters in warmth, delicacy, and thrill. Her t-strap heels tap with a lively energy of delight. The young girl shines in the scene with pure, bewitching qualities. The two accidentally bump into one another, gaze thoughtfully into each others eyes, and smile in joy.

There are no words spoken aloud. There are no tacky, over-edited sound effects. There are no noises.

There is only an old film.

There is only silence.

Silent films are naturally astonishing. They are cinematic delights full of subtly, brilliancy, and radiancy. They contain qualities of marvelous emotion, magical ability, and artistic creativity. The actors come to life on the screen. The screen awakens from its slumber. These films charm the viewer and allow the viewer to witness something that is purely elegant and enchanting– an unforgettable excellency. The black and white aspect only empowers the scenes and actions more. The silence overpowers the spoken word in its majestic grace and enticing pleasure. The words are heard through emotions. The words are understood through a myriad of expressions. Imaginative, harmonious, and picturesque, silent cinema is stunning.

These silent films brought about great talents. Whether it were the directors or the actors/ actresses, new, daring individualities were recognized. What I find most captivating about these silent films are the exceptional flapper actresses that graced the screens. And more specifically, the grand fashions that graced their bodies with an everlasting enamour…

The fashions in a silent film are aesthetically bold, culturally tasteful, and stylistically exceptional. These outfits are ornamented in sequins, chiffon, lace, sparkle, and flare. They sparkle in their dramatic glamour and glitzy personality. They add to the shimmering qualities of the flapper actresses who wore the designs. The advanced fashions are brought to life beneath the black and white screen. They gleam with a vivacity and spirit that is seductive, glorious, and entertaining. The sumptuous fashions of the time were unlimited, no longer constrained by past moral judgements. The pieces blossomed into awe-inspiring creations of design, animation, and worthwhile enthusiasm.

Whether it was a pair of shiny mary janes, or a dark colored cloche hat, or a silk, velvet kimono, or a tailored suit, or a robe de style gown, all of the silent film fashions soared off of the cinematic scene. They sung their own unique song. They danced their own, brave dance. They laughed in their own joy and happiness. They lived in a jazzy, liberating world.

As the black and white film goes on, as the roll of film begins to approach its end, the now blissful man and playful woman grasp one another in their undying passion and adoration. And they continue glistening in the bright, breathtaking light…

Couture in the Blush of Parisian Daylight

The appeal of haute couture is newly recognized and discovered. It is seen as something grand–noteworthy of observation and adoration. As explained in my post, The Elegantly Custom Stitch, couture is a world of fashion that I find compelling, daring, alluring, and absolutely charming. The delicacy and fragility of the pieces is magnificent. The detail and precision of the stitches is exquisite. From chiffon tulle dresses to beaded suits of design, couture comes in many forms. And it has certainly risen into the world of modernity and freshly explored ideas…

The haute couture of Fall 2012 was awe-inspiring. The texture, structure, and creative energy of the couture was dramatically stunning, thrillingly surreal, and attentively pure. The admirable couture pieces ranged from bold theatrics to modern, fresh spins. There was an unmistakable radiancy in every creation presented. No matter the designer or runway show location, the pieces were equally fascinating and eye-catching. From Givenchy’s medieval capes to Christian Dior’s pocketed sleek dresses; From Jean Paul Gaultier’s 1920s beaded dresses to Chanel’s “new vintage” embroidered tweeds–the splendid fashions were endless. The hand craft pieces were noticed with a piqued curiosity. The hand craft pieces were noticed with a bewitching charm.



Jean Paul Gaultier…


The creative energy ceased to stop flowing. It continued on an on in its enchanting stream.  It continued on an on and it transformed. The Parisian streets lit up with enticing fashions of worth, glamor, elegance, and grace. Unique street style looks were born…

Not only on the runways, but also on the streets…

Haute couture is a fascinating power of imagination, ingenuity, and inspiration. It brings to life an inventive universe of talent, ardor, and strength. And the street styles that come along with the brilliant shows are vivacious and graceful in their own matchless way.

Photo Credits: Vogue