Escaping to the Streets with Glittering Charm!

There is a woman out there who radiates the stylish streets with shimmer and thrill…

There is a woman out there who wears eclectic styles full of zest and exaggeration…

There is a woman out there who adores thrilling, bold accessories that make loud statements…

This woman is a “passionate fashionista”—a true “fashion maniac!” She colors the streets with spirit; she brightens the streets with metallic luster; she adores the streets with baroque mysticism; she confronts the streets with audacious prints; she presents the streets with magical runway creations; she makes herself heard and seen with crazy hats, glistening jewels, and adventurous heels; she absorbs the streets in all her fashion glory and wild bliss.

This woman is certainly someone to look up to and admire…

And this woman’s name is Anna Dello Russo.

Anna Dello Russo is the editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan. She was born in Bari, and currently lives in the resplendent city of Milan. Throughout the years, she has worked at publications such as Condé Nast Italia, Vogue Italia, and L ‘Uomo Vogue. She has shown her talents as an editor, a designer, and a fashion expert! Her work has given her a credibility that is difficult to match. Her true talents and compelling viewpoints are impossible to ignore.

Dello Russo has expressed fashion’s power and beauty through the fantastic clothes she wears. She has shown that “fashion is a declaration of one’s own freedom.” She has made clear that “fashion is what dreams are made on.” Her pieces of clothing exhibit a true importance–each piece exhibits a “museum like” quality and a reminiscent flair. Dello Russo has given fashion a new life– full of sparkly zest, dreamy elegance, and lovely value. And she has also given fashion a whole new exciting, alluring, and daring life in the streets!

Anna Dello Russo is the reigning queen of street style! She has transformed the streets to runways of authenticity, creation, imagination, and freedom. She has transformed the streets to photo shoots of everlasting extravagance and dazzling genius. She has captured the attention of street style photographers such as Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman. She has enraptured the thoughts and minds of an infinite number of people. She takes in the many tastes of fashion and mixes them up into an outfit of pure, spellbound charm. She enchants viewers and bewitches photographers. She collects garments and wears them so uniquely, that they become her own.

Anna Dello Russo’s style reminisces the past, captivates the present, and transcends the future. Dello Russo’s spectrum of fashion ranges from a glossy cherry headpiece to an androgynous tuxedo. She could wear an extreme Balenciaga visor, a lush, yellow Fendi fur coat, or a light feathered, lace Dolce and Gabbana dress. She could wear a kaleidoscopic computer-generated dress, a sleek, cheetah blazer, a wonderful, ruffled, encrusted masterpiece, or an extravagantly fluffy, white, feathered coat. She could wear showy accessories such as golden necklaces, elaborate gem clutches or brilliant, glitzy, headpieces with a wild nature of unconventional fascination!

From ornately rich to lively spontaneity…Anna Dello Russo’s style is outlandishly and harmoniously refined!

“Color me. ACCESSORIZE ME! Shock me!”– Anna Dello Russo

A Whimsical Romance of Lace and Pearl

A young woman wears a light pink gown; she is radiating in a creation of substantial worth. She expresses her innermost emotions and individual senses. She connects with her imagination and thinks of alluring styles of delicacy and loveliness. She feels her aesthetic experiences come to life in a way that embraces the refined fashions of ruffle, lace, and sheer. She notices the colorful flowers that surround her, the blossomed embroidery that graces the bodice of her dress. She emphasizes the magic of craftsmanship, with wonderous encrustations of lush pearls and small jewels. She takes in the harmonious attributes of art, remembrance of past brilliances, talents, and stunning dignified works.

She is an illustration of femininity and grace…

Romance has always been a key concept in fashion. It has appeared in many forms, ranging from light lace dresses to simple, pale, satin blouses. It has appeared in many creative minds, shining in its devotion to love and emotion. It has appeared in many fleeting moments, soaring in its bright, airy qualities of beautifying worth. With an enchanting mind and spirit, the chimerical grace and satisfying core of romance has reached the horizon. It has risen softly and peacefully to the surface, with a floating, breathtaking mood of blissful excellence and virtue.

Romantic fashions take in the delights of everyday life and transform them into works of tender femininity and transfixing charm. They are expressive in their honest creativity. They radiate in their aesthetic sophistication and ornamentation. The Romantic look admires the superb qualities of amorous historic time periods and magnificent works of art. It allows women to cherish the past and appreciate artworks of sparkling gaiety and thrill. Glowing romance, refined adoration, and picturesque finesse…romantic fashions are truly admirable.

The romantic universe of fashion finds itself in many different ways. It explores fabrics of lace, silk, tulle, chiffon, voile, and satin. It includes pastel colors of lush pink and baby blue, as well as colors of brown, beige, ivory, maroon, purple, and moss green. It decorates itself with crochet patterns, flowered embroidery, opulent rosettes, pearled accents, ruffled luxuries, dainty bows, and sheer, frilly simplicities. It vows to a soft, artistic appeal. It elaborates its heavenly spell.

Romance is both an exciting and mystical feeling of everyday life. It is something that cannot be forgotten, for it always returns in its bewitching agility and style.

Fashion has defined romance as an important aspect of design, craft, and trend…

And romance has defined fashion as something worthy of cultivated attention and distinguished, feminine glory.

Photo Credits: Tumblr and Pinterest 

Lights Shining in the Dark Sky, Waves Splashing in the Morning Sun

Hello everyone! These last few days have been absolutely incredible. I embarked on a journey to a country that is magnificent and worthy of praise. With my adventurous experiences, I discovered a city full of culture, life, and intellectuality. With my relaxing presence, I discovered a coast full of sun, color, and talent…

I discovered Paris and the French Riviera.

Paris is simply unforgettable. It is a city that relishes in its pure, raw history–it contains an indisputable antiquity in its stone architecture and grand design. It is a city that takes in artistic geniuses, literary wonderments, and inventive talents. It is a city that contains fashions of classic simplicity, hipster grunge, punk rock edge, and athletic sport. Through my enchanting experiences, whether they may be gazing at the artworks of Da Vinci, Manet, and Degas, scouring through the books of Fitzgerald and Hemingway, delving deep into the Latin Quarter’s many hidden alleyways, walking on the cobblestone paths, or sitting in a quiet cafe taking in the views that surround me, I realized how a city could contain so much more beneath the surface. It takes a deep look and a thoughtful mind to realize the secrets, mysteries, wonders, and beauties a city could contain. Paris has a universal, cosmic, harmonious grace that captures your attention wherever you turn.

The French Riviera was delightfully spectacular. With a clear blue sky and the endless Mediterranean in my view, I was in love. The days are filled and completed with sunny beach goers, magnificent photographers, and laughing bodies of joy. The colorful buildings and villas of peach, orange, light blue, and pink, shine in the light. Flowers bloom and take in their own unique form. The fashions praise the loud colors of summer. The nights are filled with tunes of jazz, reggae, classical, and dance. Skillful dancers twirl in the streets, magical piano players tap with fingers of grace, passionate voices sing with finesse. The Riviera is a place where people of all ages come together and rejoice in a carefree atmosphere.

These days in France were electrifyingly stunning, culturally enlightening, and truly eye-opening. Fantastic memories were made, as thrilling adventures and calming moments took up my enchanting, extraordinary days.

A Personal Message…

Hello to all my viewers and followers!

I will be taking a break for the next few days, escaping from my busy days at home for a little while! Therefore, the usual, weekly blog post should be a few days late. I am excited for the experiences that await me these next few days–whether they may be adventurous or relaxing! I can’t wait to share them with you when I get back!

On another note, I just wanted to take the time to mention how appreciative I am for all of your views, likes, and comments! Your kind support truly means a lot to me and I am forever grateful!

Thank you again!

Goodbye to Normality, and Hello to Spontaneity

Why walk straight forward through a door when you could easily walk sideways?

A new, creative, humorous shape is rocking the runways for this upcoming Fall. This look is fantastically zany, daringly wild, pleasingly funny, and crazily bold!–it is absolutely silly in its wacky, yet charming appeal. This look is going beyond the realm of normal wear and is entering into a whole new dimension of lighthearted design and entertaining concept. It is pushing away dull, monotone trends, and bringing forward original, current designs. It is staking its powerful claim in the fashion world. This new look is simply called the oversized proportion. But trust me, this kooky trend is far from simple!

This fresh look for fall is full of extreme optimism and eye-catching appeal. Rather than being typical mainstream, it contains loud, unique elements that are large, wide, and long! It has energetic volume and shameless attitude. Rather than uncomfortable tightness, it embraces loose stretchiness and free, uplifting comfort.  With comical dimensions, playful intensities, and pinnacle heights of substance and eccentricity, this look is enjoyably witty and dramatically ready for fall.

The sensationally theatric, electrifyingly impressive, oversized look appears in many different ways. It could be a tall, lengthy coat, or an extravagantly ruffled, feminine, artistic gown. It could be an enigmatic, wide dress, or a modern tweed suit with an of whack twist. The look enters the sphere of the abstract. It takes the journey to the future. It enters the classic cosmos. It beautifies in the nature of simplicity. It envelops the chimerical, heavenly enchanting, romantic universe. The hugely genius, out of proportion design is delighting to the touch, with visionary, dreamy textures such as fuzzy felts, ruffled lace, and rough wool. The look is of unbalanced beauty!

With purposeful, unsized proportions and creative shapes, the oversized look relishes and prospers in its passionate, exploratory design and structure. It recognizes and discovers exciting adventure, thrilling risk, artistic value, and joyous, fashionable laughter.

Rationality is no longer necessary. Irrationality is a must!

It is time to be uncommon!

Photo Credits: and Vogue