Innocent Darkness and Powerful Lightness

The color wheel is full of endless possibilities. From rich, royal blues to sunny, bright yellows, from powerful, stand-out reds to romantic, light pinks–the colors are eternal. Color has this undeniable way of changing a person’s physical and internal appearance. It appears both warm and cold, bright and dull, frail and strong. It conveys raw emotions of lust and anger, as well as timidity and sadness. Color can never disappear–it can never leave the world. It can only strengthen its immense importance. The impact and effect color has on our lives is impossible to ignore. Color enters your body, mind, and soul. It satisfies you with its attraction and fulfillment. It energizes you with individuality and imagination. Color helps to define who we are as human-beings.

This past June, I wrote a post entitled, Into the Depths of Black and White. This post delved deep into the powers of black and white photography and explored the beauties it revealed and the emotions it expressed. In this post, evidently, two main colors were defined. These colors were black and white… two opposite colors that come together to form something magical.

Not only in photography, but also in fashion, the colors of black and white have the same impressive effect. With a mixture of purity and strength, simplicity and depth, and goodness and evil, the colors of black and white each have their own alluring powers and resplendent expressions…

And they have a united, symmetrical sovereignty of worthy charm and grace when they come together. This is proven wonderfully in a photo shoot for Vogue Italia, entitled, Black & Roses, photographed by the talented Tim Walker.

Black, a color that is associated with power, authority and seriousness. A color that is associated with mystery, ambiguity, and evil, with elegance, prestigiousness, and timelessness, with anguish, depression, and pain. It is a color with a lacy seductiveness and an edgy, secretive appeal. The color has a depth of emotion and substance. It has much meaning, much dominance and individuality. The color black is a true enigma, as well as a true staple in one’s life inside and outside of fashion. As depicted in the Black & Roses photo shoot, the color of black can be both submissive and outspoken. It can be both hidden and revealing. Without emotional lightness and colorful brightness, there is a deep truth and understanding to the color hue. Black makes an impression, a statement that will never be forgotten.

White, a color that is associated with innocence, purity, and virginity, with safety, faith, and lightness. It is the color of the cool, winter snow, the angels of heaven. The color white floats with a beautifying airy quality. It soars with a romantic heart of pure love and devotion. White expresses happiness, inner delight, and light tenderness. It is a color that is bold in its quietness and graceful in its simplicity. As shown in the Black & Roses photo shoot, white is something almost mystical, spiritual in its sheer accents and light drapings. White giggles in its playful exuberance and ethereal grace.

Black and White, a powerful color combination that is beautiful in its classic, flawless appeal. By traveling to both sides of the color spectrum, a remarkable blending of dark and light is achieved. A piece of worth is created; a timeless fashion is embraced; a sleek design is produced. The colors carry with them an effortless elegance, a powerful stance, an everlasting brilliance. Obscurity is illuminated and clarity is concealed. Cryptic riddle is replaced by clarity. Clear distinction is replaced by dusk. An equal balance of worth and beauty. A contrasting bliss. A connection of greatness. Black and White.

The influence of black and white, and the essence of color in general, on the world of fashion is fantastically grand. It defines the pieces being worn. It gives the fashions a voice, an opinion, an emotion. The designs are full of strong feelings. They are not just pieces of fabric. They are not just empty pieces with no meaning and worth. With color, these pieces are unique and memorable. The pieces speak to those who wear them. They release sensations; they express emotions; they adore the conscious mind. Color allows fashion to explore new ideas of inspiration, creativity, and joy. Color allows fashion to send a message, worthy of attention and thought…

Color allows fashion to be what it wishes to be.


The Nonconformist

Living a life without permanent ties. Living a life of unconventionality.

Living a life full of artistic pursuits. Living a life full of wandering bliss.

Living a life outside of the mainstream. Living a life inside a creative revolution.

Living a life full of expression, mixture, taste, adventure, spirit, and imagination.

Living a life full of thoughtful literature, breathtaking art, and dazzling music.

Living the life of a Bohemian.

The Bohemian cultural movement of change began in late 19th Century France. Poets, artists, thinkers, wonderers, and writers no longer wished to live under the conventional bourgeois of France. They wanted a change. They wanted something different. They wanted to live a life of expression, love, deep understanding, and compassion. They wanted to live a life full of free, undetermined thoughts–they wished to speak their own minds, speak all of their artistic remembrances, strong-willed opinions, unconventional stances, thoughtful creations, and optimistic, as well as depressed truths. No longer would the French middle class stand in their way. No longer would radical banishments, close-minded attitudes, affect who they were as human beings. With their strong attitudes, the movement had begun.

This historical movement has transformed itself throughout the years through the outlets of literature, art, music, and philosophy. It has given people the chance to explore themselves, without fear of judgment or constraint. People, as a result, have taken in the remarkable beauties of the natural world and the talents that exist within it. They have realized that there is not just a single street everybody travels on. There are alternatives, branches of differentiating thought and exploration…

There is one more outlet that this Bohemian mind and spirit delves into very energetically and powerfully. It has entered with imaginative thought, expressionist belief, and loving originality. It has altered this outlet in many unique ways, creating more openness, more free-will, more individual thought, more daring possibilities, more artistic attitude. And this outlet it has entered is fashion.

With these concepts in mind, the Bohemian counter-culture movement has made its presence known in fashion designs and thoughts. It has given fashion a whole new look, one that is a mixture of fabrics, prints, textures, and colors; one that is a mixture of looseness and tightness; one that is a mixture of newly discovered senses, ingenuities, ideas, and imaginations. Fashion has transformed into something that is inventive and unrestricted. It has turned into something that is open for differing interpretations and feelings. The Bohemian fashions reject pieces that do not speak to the artist and do not relate to what the artist is inspiring to do. The pieces are revolutionary….And all of this is proven in Dries Van Noten’s Spring 2013 collection.

For this spring, the Belgian designer Dries Van Noten has created a collection that speaks to these Bohemian values and ways of thought. The fashions go by their own set of rules, wandering into realms of thought that were at first unimaginable. The pieces radiate in their brightening pleasure of life. Stability does not exist. Rather, a disorderly style and design charms. The sensitive pieces relish in mismatched beauty and elegance–they give off a light, fresh quality that is compelling, worthy of attention, and full of such depth, such meaning. They come from Dries Van Noten’s mind and no one else’s.

The fashions in Dries Van Noten’s Spring 2013 collection are breathtaking in their carefree allure, conflicting simplicity, and stimulating genius. There is a personality to the collection, a daring stance to be different and to stray from submission. There is a randomness to the collection, a bold choice to not match and to not be neat. From plaids and checkers to florals and blossoms; from revealing, loose sheers to structured coverings; from powerful trousers to romantic, flowy skirts; from carefree street wear to unconventional night wear; from seductive, delicate kimonos to powerful, heavy blazers…Van Noten’s collection speaks volumes to whoever looks at it. It is its exquisite, admirable, forward way of thinking that makes the collection so significant for spring.

The 19th Century Bohemians are coming back to life for this spring, bringing with them the  undeniable importance of independence and freedom.

Photo Credits: Pinterest and Vogue

A Rococo Masterpiece

A painting is hung in a gallery. The painting lights up the room in its hedonistic pleasure, its decorative, fanciful detail of flirtatious thought and desire. It shows a young girl on a swing in a wooded scene–the sky is bright, the flowers bloom, the pleasure is evident. Creamy hues envelop the painting’s color scheme. The young girl wears an aesthetic gown of grandeur and femininity, the lace accents accentuating her feminine grace and youthful beauty. She wears light-colored pinks and peaches. She wears a flimsy, loose hat. The girl lightly kicks off her shoe, a knowing smile gracing her lips, to the man below. The painting is not dark. The painting is not sinister. The painting is airy, light, and free. There is pleasure, love, and imagination in the playful scene. The painting is of aristocratic ornamentation and romantic, exuberant delight. There is a whimsical serenity and an atmospheric intimacy to the scene. The painting is entitled “The Swing.” And the artist who painted it was Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

A few months ago I did a post entitled, A Painter’s Canvas on a Designer’s Runway. This post explored the undeniable connection between fashion and art and the thoughtful, artistic, imaginative, relations they share. The similarities between fashion and art are unforgettable, for they both exhibit qualities of intellectual curiosity, aesthetic grandeur, and  ornamented design. Recently, I came across a collection that delved into the beauties and energies of art and design. This collection explored the world of Rococo art, a dramatic movement of elaborate structure and graceful, dreamy intention.

The Rococo art movement encompassed many different aspects. It involved the pleasure of decadence, the laughter of carefree attitude, the sensation of flirtation, the power of rejuvenation, and the idea of voluptuous thrill. It contained elements of floridity and symmetry, that created a wonderfully balanced, soft composition. The movement explored a color scheme of blushing, creamy pales and pure, natural hues. There is theatricality and content pleasurability in the artworks–there is dramatic human poise, loving embrace, sensuous demeanor, and luxurious fashion. Flowers full of bliss, flurries of radiating gaiety, moments full of delight, Rococo art is stunning. And…

Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda collection embraced all of these details, ideas, and visions, bringing back to life the tantalizing Rococo beauty of carefree imagery, dainty texture, seductive exuberance, alluring merriment, and colorful luminosity.

Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda collection was breathtaking in its remembrance of the past histories of art and intellectual thought. The collection embraced the Rococo mentalities of amusement, joy, and pleasure. It embraced the Rococo designs of delicacy, delectability, and possibility. It embraced the Rococo details of flowered patterns, natural symmetries, pastel colorations, magical femininities, and lovely fluidities. In the collection, there was the famous Rococo sinuosity–lines that curved delicately. There was the famous Rococo ornamentation–details of lush warmth and craft that were perfected bewitchingly. The fashions were absorbed in the decorative arts.

In Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda collection, there was an unmistakable airy, lightness to the fashions. The pieces were colored in fine, fragile pastels of pinks, blues, and yellows, as well as lush, pure colors of ivory, rose, moss green, and orange. The pieces were embroidered with light beads, jewels, bows, and laces. There was no constriction–there was only freedom. With materials of sheer, organza, chiffon, and satin, there was sensuality and stimulation. With bold, bell-shaped skirts there was regality and newly defined luxury. With delicate embellishments and finely cut seams, there was meticulous care, construction, and attention. With hand-painted flowered designs and attentively crafted details, the pieces were true works of art.

With a Rococo sensation and a compelling, charming Dolce & Gabbana design, fashion and art unite.

The Buzzing of the Bees

Nature, as by definition, is the phenomena of the physical world–it encompasses animals, plants, landscapes, waterfalls, and so much more. Nature, for me, is something magical. Nature is what makes up our world–it is the spiritual force of independent action and decision. It is something that rises above the surface, something that branches out of the mundane and embraces the thrill of randomness. Along with its inner qualities of beauty and defining strength, nature develops with a creative, unique energy that is unexpected, breathtaking, artistic, and imaginative. It electrifies in its colored leaves, furry creatures, dazzling sun rays, and whistling winds. It stimulates curious, hopeful minds, with its powers of renewal, change, and perserverance. Nature is peaceful and calm; nature is untamed and raw–it embraces and comforts; it consumes and devours. Humans feel an emotional connection with its picturesque qualities, as well as its spontaneous desires and ways. Nature is an exciting jolt of freedom, expression, individualistic beauty.

Fashion, as by definition, is a variety of a prevailing manner or mode, a way of dress. Fashion, for me, is something so much more. Fashion is something captivating, something singular. Fashion is filled with eagerness and craving–an inner desire for tantalizing sensation, intellectual thought, dreamy imagination, unparalleled ingenuity, and fulfilling opportunity. It is a cosmic world of natural beauty, strength, and truth.

As the seasons change, the colors change. The leaves change their shades of color. The lands become powered by the warm yellow sun, the red and orange accents,  the cold white snow, and the dreary rainfall. As the seasons change, the design of the environment diversifies–it welcomes new mystical creatures and new fascinating grasses, trees, and flowers. From angelic enchantments to wild thrills; from loving serenities to harsh instincts; from warm energies to cold structures and designs…as nature changes its course, fashion changes its course as well.

The connections between fashion and nature are hard to ignore. Delving deep into each world, filled with all its emotions, memories, desires, meanings, and thrills, reveals an undeniable connection between the natural world and the world of fashion and design. In both, there is charming diversity; in both, there is mysterious exploration; in both, there is uncontrolled change; in both, there is an innovative energy and spirit; in both, there is unbridled direction. Nature and fashion house unmasked beauties and both simplistic and complex design. And for Spring 2013, Sarah Burton unveiled these kindred spirits for all to see in her new Alexander McQueen collection…

A stunning beehive filled with queens, the McQueen collection for Spring 2013 RTW was mesmerizing. The pieces were buzzing with excitement, energy, empowerment, and zest. They were darkly magnetic and bewitching–the designs exuded a magical essence, a lively, natural enchantment. They were extravagantly rich and romantic–the designs spoke the truths of feeling and nature, a poetic, passionate tenderness. Nature’s complex obscurity and simplistic brilliancy was shown.

The pieces for this collection were daring and bold. They exhibited qualities of authoritative strength and fanciful, light-hearted beauty. The bees were out to play. On the runway, there were honeycomb printed jackets, gold and black wasp inspired corsets and bodices, tortoiseshell peplum waists, belts, and harnesses, bee-adorned collars, bracelets, and tops, cage-like garments of  lustiness and allure, netted coverings, and ruffled, flowered hoop skirted gowns. With inspired beekeeper headpieces, a color palette of gold and black, delicate ornamentation, and nipped in waists, Burton’s Alexander McQueen collection was buzzing with exhilaration, luxury, and incredibility.

Nature and fashion continuously alter their surroundings. Their influence is strong. Their diversity is bold…

And their beauty is unforgettable.

Photo Credits: Vogue, Pinterest, and Fashionologie