The Editor of Change and Unconventionality

“Why don’t you…tie black tulle bows on your wrists?

“Why don’t you…cover a big cork bulletin board in bright pink felt, banded with bamboo, and pin with colored thumb-tacks all of your various enthusiasms as you life varies from week to week?”

“Why don’t you…own, as does one extremely smart woman, twelve diamond roses of all sizes?”

-Diana Vreeland


Diana Vreeland was a remarkably talented and fearlessly unconventional fashion columnist and editor in the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. She was an unforgettable pioneer, a creator of new, daring concepts on the beauties and originalities of fashion and culture. She was a spirited woman with a sophisticated, witty personality that could not be confined. She was a traveler, a person with a fearless imagination who, both physically and mentally, saw and experienced new, uncharted worlds. She was a beautiful, dynamic dreamer in that she wanted people to break away from the mundane, the sameness of everyday life. She was a free-spirit, writing what she wished to write, doing what she wished to do. She was a heroine of individuality, having a strong, passionate desire for the unique, individual woman.

Diana Vreeland embraced both the minor changes and large revolutions of fashion. She recognized every aspect of the fashion world, including all of its mysteries, complexities, simplicities, and imaginings.


First making herself known in the industry in the year 1937, Diana Vreeland’s awe-consuming, beautifying presence has been known, seen, and experienced in the fashion industry for many years. Beginning her career as a columnist at Harper’s Bazaar, Vreeland created a column full of willingness, a willingness to discover new details about yourself and your inner desires; a column full of outrageousness, filled with unrealistic, beautiful dreams that were stunningly unordinary. This column was entitled “Why Don’t You?”
However, this was not where the true Vreeland emerged. This is not where the true Vreeland staked her claim in the industry. Diana Vreeland signified her worldly, experienced thoughts and radical, lavish fashions at Vogue, as editor-in-chief. This is where her pure innovative mind was revealed.
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Vreeland redefined the standard of beauty. Vreeland reinvented the fashion editor. Vreeland transformed Vogue into a magazine of both hardship and pleasure, real-life and fantasy. She helped to create a magazine that focused on demolishing commonalities and embracing changing topics in an ever-changing world. Vreeland was and still is the true definition of a fashion editor. Whether it was originating trends, creating new, influential ideas, or experiencing the world, Vreeland gave the editor a viewpoint, a say and attitude in what is important and admirable in the fashion universe. Vreeland gave the editor an imagination, a want to exaggerate and emphasize beautiful pieces of clothing, beautiful places of the world, beautiful moments in history, art, and culture, beautiful persons of much thought and substance.
Diana Vreeland, most significantly, embraced the powers and gifts of change. She relished in the excellencies of forwardness and the unknown wonders of the revolutionizing future.  Embracing the 60s culture of individualism, modernism, and youth, she cherished the powers of uniqueness and the desires to change constrictive thoughts of past social tradition and conventional fashions of unrevealing dreariness. Vreeland, during her time in the fashion industry, created new, sensational concepts of sparkling free-thought and lively wildness.
Diana Vreeland…the pioneer of alternative thoughts, styles, and fashions.
         An icon of fashion…
                  A proponent of change…
                             A woman of legendary, global status…
Diana Vreeland…the explorer, the discoverer, and the editor of the fashion world.

Vigorous and Unafraid Youths

Nonconformity…Direct Action…Fierce Rebellion…Do-It-Yourself…

Anti-Authority…Theatrical Dramatics…Powerful Youth…Radical Attitudes…

A Rejection of Morality…

There was a distinct, influential cultural movement that occurred in the mid-1970s, in the United States and the United Kingdom. It incorporated elements of a true rebellion–a rebellion filled with aggressiveness, power, fight; a rebellion filled with individualism, shock, and freedom. It incorporated ideologies of anti-establishment–an ideology of never “selling out,” never abandoning personal opinions, values, and beliefs. It incorporated viewpoints of independence–a viewpoint to do-it-yourself, to never rely on outside sources, to create using your own creative mind. It incorporated looks of the theater, taking in the dramatic aspects of the arts postmodernism movement, the youths inner rebellion of change, and the removals of the military and unethical racist belief and sexist thought. This distinct, influential cultural movement gained significant influence and integrity. It gained much attention and thrill. This movement fought a brave war against conformist ideals and misguided viewpoints.

This cultural movement is the Punk movement, and it is still fighting its war today…


The Punk movement rests on the beliefs of expression and the actions of individuality. It embraces inner-originality, deep thought, and daring uniqueness. It relishes in the oppression against strict, conformist ideals; in the desire to spread innovation, to make something new. It enforces the powers of bravery, righteousness, and character and distinction; the powers to be your own person, no matter what is in the way. The Punk movement expresses many of these beliefs through captivating music, powerful voice, and significantly, through original, individualistic fashion.


Punk’s renegade fashions aim to deconstruct, to embrace the provocative, and to alter the common, classic looks of fashion. The fashions seek to outrage, to include crazy, spiky hairstyles, heavy cosmetics, ripped, powerful clothes, and loud, metallic, chained jewels. The fashions aim to get rid of materialistic notions and aspects, and rather, to embrace unconventional, feelings and do-it-yourself aspects. Taking influence from subcultures and art movements such as glam rock, mods, and greasers, punk fashions incorporate revealing rips, bold embellishments, metallic studs and spikes, colors of unnatural, fearless hues, seductive leathers, controversial logos, tight vinyls, and enticing fishnets. The fashions include tartan trousers and kilts, second-hand tattered shirts and pants, audacious, customized blazers, ballet tutus, and military, motorcycle boots and jackets.



With designers such as Vivienne Westwood using and incorporating the elements of this movement in her collections, the fashions of punk have revealed themselves on the runway and in the current fashion world. And recently, in the Preen collection for Pre-Fall 2013, the Punk movement is revealing itself further, gaining strength and creating change.


Embracing the power of the youth culture, the designer couple Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi, have taken in some of the key elements and fashions of the Punk movement in their collection. Through this collection, they have expressed the beauty of cultural rebellion, the power of integrity, the appeal of bizarre irregularity, the desire to make a loud statement, the ability to fight and progress, and the importance of being yourself. They have tied in the necessities of opinion and independence, the necessities of the wild dramatic and the adventurous outlandish, in their pieces.



With tough, leather accents, bold, bloody red prints, revealing sheers and cut-outs, gold zippers, red and black hues, and with tartan, plaid pieces, baggy pants and skirts, motor cycle jackets, and strapped buckled boots, the powerful youths emerge…


The Punk movement prevails now and in the future.

Photo Credits: Vogue and Pinterest 


Sparkling Masks Adorning Mysterious Faces

A masquerade ball is a place of delectable intrigue, energetic zest, and mysterious delight. It is a place of both classical elegance and sensual desire. A masquerade ball is a place of pleasurable escape. It is a place where new, extraordinary lives, ideas, and moments are formed. A masquerade ball is a place where you can be anyone you wish to be, whether it may be a pure angel or a sinful devil; a shy, timid figure or a wild, passionate presence. A masquerade ball is a place of delightful exploration–there are many hidden secrets, personas, and lusts waiting to be discovered. There are many seekers of pleasure, characters of dignity, and figures of boldness and power that are waiting to be found.


A masquerade ball is full of rich luxuries, taking in dresses of lush, heavy fabrics such as sumptuous, rosy brocade; taking in jewels of wealthy diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and bright pearls. A masquerade ball is full of whimsical serenities and dark, gravitating evils, absorbing both light and dark accents of detailed lace, plush feather and fur, transparent sheer, rich incrustation, splendid ruffle, and tantalizing silk. A masquerade ball is full of elaborate, magnificent masks, coverings of both shiny, loud kaleidoscopic hues and simple, neutral colorations; coverings of both metallic, beaded, rich textures and delicately laced, feathered, ethereal creations.



A masquerade ball absorbs unclear secrecy and clear risk…

A masquerade absorbs crystal determination and sovereign individuality…

The world of fashion is a masquerade ball.


Fashion is a masquerade ball in the sense that you could be anyone you wish to be. In fashion you could be the dark, passionate romantic; you could be the light, airy angel; you could be the earthy, natural figure; you could be the free-spirited bohemian; you could be the rugged, urban hipster; you could be the elegant, sophisticated classic; you could be the androgynous suited presence. In a masquerade, you could be any character you choose to be, any persona that piques your interest, captures your mind and desire. And in both fashion and a masquerade, you could be yourself–with fearlessness and strong passion, action and true ecstasy.

Fashion is a masquerade ball in the sense that your honest desires are revealed. Through fashion’s pathways and the masquerade’s dances, there is an exploration of self-identity. There is an exploration of feeling new feelings, capturing new thoughts, and identifying new aspects of your personal self. Through different choices and looks, through different movements and glances, a universe of pleasurable discovery and tantalizing intrigue appears. A universe of praise-worthy design and keen, talented insight prospers.



A masquerade ball encompasses the bravery, the joy, the mystification, the enchantment, the energy, the emotion, the lust, and the almighty quest of fashion. It encompasses the artistic creativity, the attractive proudness, the dazzling grandeur, and the adventurous excellence. It encompasses the ability to choose, the willingness to break away from the norm, the decision to branch away from commonality and mundane living. The masquerade’s beautifying thoughts and praiseworthy details mix and overlap with the wonderful feelings and divine imaginations of fashion.


As a masquerade ball comes to life, the world of fashion comes to life as well.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

The Creation of a Masterpiece

Backstage at the runway…

A scene of pure exhilaration and delight–there is a flurry of frantic movements and delightful grins. A scene of creative thought and careful precision–there is a motion of quick, dexterous hands and mindful, aesthetic alterations. A scene of blissful chaos–there are hair stylists creating wonders in a matter of seconds; there are make-up artists taking a blank canvas and painting a wonderful, detailed design; there are stylists and dressers making sure that the pieces fit perfectly, that the pieces look and feel luxurious and magical; there are models being transformed into the dreams and wishes of the designer, smiling and giggling in the hectic atmosphere. And there is the designer, him or herself, the maker of the image of true beauty, the creator of the beautiful works full of substance and depth. In this scene of wildness and thrill, intriguing mysteries are kept confined. Hidden secrets are eagerly waiting to be exposed. Designs of undeniable creativity and thoughtful detail are waiting to glisten on the runway, for all the world to see.


Fashion Week Spring 2013 was filled with wonderful surprises, tantalizing indulgences, mindful references, wild thrills, and classic simplicities. The designs embraced the concepts of modern individuality, freedom, and acceptance. The designs embraced theatrical impressions, futuristic complexities, passionate emotions, romantic feelings, wearable simplicities, natural wonders, and the beauties of variety. And the models who wore these designs were just as stunning. Whether it were Alexander McQueen’s beekeepers, with their netted headpieces and perfectly fitted corsets; whether it were Dries Van Noten’s urban bohemians, with their stark white sunglasses and lush, pink lipstick; whether it were Valentino’s subtle seductresses, with their hair tied in elegant buns, the models conveyed both the meanings, accents, and sensations of the designs perfectly. And this was because of the time and energy that was developed and devoted backstage…




There is a common purpose among all of the talents that work, excel, and ultimately, succeed backstage. And that purpose is to create a masterpiece. Hidden from the curious eyes of the audience, backstage is where the true desires of the designer appear, where the essence of the piece is first shown, where magnificent design is further developed, becoming something truly memorable, something truly worthy of attentive thought and praise. Because of the tireless efforts backstage, the transcendent importance of the messages of the alluring designs are revealed. New, beautiful meanings are able to be exposed for all to see.


Backstage, the designs have been given a life of proud determination and worthy glorification. Models are giving the exquisite pieces loud, bold voices and unforgettable, stunning stances. Amongst the thrilling gaieties and powerful visions, creativities awaken, details glisten, and designs soar. Backstage is where the powers of fashion, art, detail, precision, and movement come together. Backstage is where the talents of design, make-up, hair, style, and alteration unite. And…


Backstage is where fashion comes to life.

Photo Credits: Vogue