Sparkling Masks Adorning Mysterious Faces

A masquerade ball is a place of delectable intrigue, energetic zest, and mysterious delight. It is a place of both classical elegance and sensual desire. A masquerade ball is a place of pleasurable escape. It is a place where new, extraordinary lives, ideas, and moments are formed. A masquerade ball is a place where you can be anyone you wish to be, whether it may be a pure angel or a sinful devil; a shy, timid figure or a wild, passionate presence. A masquerade ball is a place of delightful exploration–there are many hidden secrets, personas, and lusts waiting to be discovered. There are many seekers of pleasure, characters of dignity, and figures of boldness and power that are waiting to be found.


A masquerade ball is full of rich luxuries, taking in dresses of lush, heavy fabrics such as sumptuous, rosy brocade; taking in jewels of wealthy diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and bright pearls. A masquerade ball is full of whimsical serenities and dark, gravitating evils, absorbing both light and dark accents of detailed lace, plush feather and fur, transparent sheer, rich incrustation, splendid ruffle, and tantalizing silk. A masquerade ball is full of elaborate, magnificent masks, coverings of both shiny, loud kaleidoscopic hues and simple, neutral colorations; coverings of both metallic, beaded, rich textures and delicately laced, feathered, ethereal creations.



A masquerade ball absorbs unclear secrecy and clear risk…

A masquerade absorbs crystal determination and sovereign individuality…

The world of fashion is a masquerade ball.


Fashion is a masquerade ball in the sense that you could be anyone you wish to be. In fashion you could be the dark, passionate romantic; you could be the light, airy angel; you could be the earthy, natural figure; you could be the free-spirited bohemian; you could be the rugged, urban hipster; you could be the elegant, sophisticated classic; you could be the androgynous suited presence. In a masquerade, you could be any character you choose to be, any persona that piques your interest, captures your mind and desire. And in both fashion and a masquerade, you could be yourself–with fearlessness and strong passion, action and true ecstasy.

Fashion is a masquerade ball in the sense that your honest desires are revealed. Through fashion’s pathways and the masquerade’s dances, there is an exploration of self-identity. There is an exploration of feeling new feelings, capturing new thoughts, and identifying new aspects of your personal self. Through different choices and looks, through different movements and glances, a universe of pleasurable discovery and tantalizing intrigue appears. A universe of praise-worthy design and keen, talented insight prospers.



A masquerade ball encompasses the bravery, the joy, the mystification, the enchantment, the energy, the emotion, the lust, and the almighty quest of fashion. It encompasses the artistic creativity, the attractive proudness, the dazzling grandeur, and the adventurous excellence. It encompasses the ability to choose, the willingness to break away from the norm, the decision to branch away from commonality and mundane living. The masquerade’s beautifying thoughts and praiseworthy details mix and overlap with the wonderful feelings and divine imaginations of fashion.


As a masquerade ball comes to life, the world of fashion comes to life as well.

Photo Credits: Pinterest