The Value of Recognition

Continuing on with the award season for this year, the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) recognized and embraced unparalleled talents in both the television and movie industry. It brought together members of a united community of both incredible ability and steadfast determination; outstanding transformation and unforgettable emotion; individualistic style and dazzling spirit. Praising the beauty of acting and acknowledging the powers of a determined union, the Screen Actors Guild Awards gave off feelings of a welcoming warmth, an intriguing uniqueness, and an evident power. The Screen Actors Guild Awards also gave off fashions of immense style and both sparkling and simplistic grandeur.

From midnight blue and black hues to bright, shining whites; from metallic silvers and golds to subdued, light pales; from seductive sheers to satin classics; from shining sparkles to feminine ruffles and delicate lace…the fashions of the SAG Awards were wonderful, polar opposites. Some designs absorbed spring trends, while others dared to stray away from the expected. Some designs made loud statements, while others stayed simply quiet. Always holding an undying love for a red carpet full of exquisite diversity and thrilling excitement, I was extremely content with the fashions I saw this year. The noticeable differences of color, structure, texture, and cut caught my attention and intrigued my eyes and my thoughts. The designs came from both sides of fashion’s many spectrums. And there were three looks from the night that intrigued more than the others…

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 5.04.38 PM

Nicole Kidman looked absolutely breathtaking in this sparkling Vivienne Westwood, couture gown. With sequined, glittering blue details, sheer, seductive energies, dramatic, floral applique intricacies, and confident, thigh-high slit cuts, this piece of couture was magnificent. Glamour radiated off of Nicole Kidman on the red carpet, making her glow. The look was enchanting in its modern elegance, bringing with it an air of both sleekness and regality; it was majestically contemporary. It was truly bewitching. Kidman looked fantastic.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 5.57.30 PM

A gown with beautiful, lush satin that shined perfectly. A gown with a dark blue high-low skirt that challenged commonality and welcomed spontaneity. A gown with a tightly alluring, ivory silk bustier that added a magnetic thrill. A gown with a smooth, flowing bow, that added a playful vibe. This Dior Haute Couture gown on Marion Cotillard was effortlessly chic. It was harmonious in its simplistic color-blocking design and fluid texture. It was outstanding in its differences, in its unique, architectural sovereignty.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 5.57.12 PM

Flowing on the red carpet with a beautifully ruffled, navy train, this dazzling Zac Posen gown looked extraordinary on Amanda Seyfried. This mermaid silhouetted, dark-hued creation is one of enormous appeal, skillfully emphasizing Seyfried’s shape, wonderfully allowing Seyfried’s alabaster skin to shimmer. The gown connected simplicity to loud substance; gracefulness to energetic force. And the long, diamond, Art Deco necklace only added to the look’s tremendous appeal. Amanda Seyfried made both her vigor and charm seen to the world.

The actors and actresses were seen and their voices were heard.

The designs worn on the red carpet were seen and their stunning qualities were felt.

And now on to the Academy Awards…


The Brilliancy of Nightfall

Dark Shine…

Night Luster…

Twilight Bronze…

Dusky Illumination…

In fashion, there is an undeniable beauty to opposites, whether it may be opposite physical designs and textures or opposite metaphysical thoughts and desires. In fashion, there is this mystical, alluring quality to opposing, counter pairs. Contrasting styles grasp attention, lure the viewer in, make eyes see differently, make minds think deeply. It could be a masculine blazer with a feminine skirt; it could be a flowered blouse with a pair of striped slacks. Opposites stray from the norm, the expected. They mix in a swirling pool of fascination and experimentation. Opposites redefine what fashion is, what makes fashion so irresistible and breathtaking. With diverse contrast and independent idea, opposites come together. They mesh beautifully. They intertwine gracefully. They blend wonderfully. In the world of color, these magnificent opposites radiate, basking in the glory of their perfect variation, their interlocking web of unique meanings and physical appearances.

Black, a hidden world of gloomy mysteries and dusky secrets. Gold, a supreme kingdom of regal riches and sparkling jewels. Black, a hue of intimidation, of looming power of authority. Gold, a hue of triumph, of welcoming success, of extravagant kings and queens. Black, a look of simplicity, of classic worth and substance. Gold, a look of fearlessness, of spontaneous energy and vividness.

Black and Gold…Gold and Black…perfect opposites…a perfect combination.


In fashion, this color palette of striking difference is unforgettable.  It is marvelously dynamic, for the colors complement each other with such an active, luxe beauty. There is an unmistakable charisma between the two colors, an intense connection of importance and opulence. Black and gold fashion is breathtaking to view, taking on appearances of tantalizing seductiveness and elegant sophistication. The fashions exhibit strength and determination, making proud statements that are timeless in their awe-consuming power. The black and gold combination takes histories of the past and brings them to the present. The Renaissance, The Baroque Period, The Romanticism, The Eastern Worlds, the Roaring 20s are shown through lush brocades, dazzling, embellished sequins, rich furs, shiny foils, and other bold wonders. The black and gold combination also looks toward the future, toward an ever-changing, undaunted, new world.

And this black and gold combination appeared in the Spring/Summer 2013 Haute Couture Collection of Versace, a contrasting, architectural wonderland…


This couture collection, as a whole, is excitingly powerful in its modernistic, redefinition of what couture truly is. With sharp cut shoulder blades, sheer gowns, embellished fur shrugs and shoulder pads, accented skinny-leg pants and sparkling pinstriped suits; with gold, metallic cuffs, sharp heels, large, imperial jewels of crystal and diamond, outspoken, glossy belts, daring leather accents, and plunging necklines, Versace exposes couture in a new light, in a new way of distinguished design.




With these severe, wild designs, couture strays away from the preconceived notions it once held. It becomes something more contemporary, something captivating, something inviting. With the eye-catching black and gold combination of many of her pieces, this commanding force, grand stance, monumental structure is significantly emphasized. The colors radiate a power, a strength, a voice. The colors help to shield away constrictive thoughts and reasonings. The colors succeed in modernizing the nature of fashion.

Black and Gold…A color scheme that is extraordinary.

Photo Credits: Vogue and Pinterest 

A Golden Red Carpet

Starting off the award season in the chilly Californian air, The Golden Globes was a night filled with heart-warming inspiration and tantalizing radiancy. It was a night of joyous laughter, meaningful tears, and wonderful gratification. It was a night where everybody came to be themselves, relaxing in an atmosphere of pure pleasure and welcoming community. The Golden Globes intertwined the television and the movie screen, the t.v. show with the aesthetic film. And it was also a night where fashion came to life on the red carpet.

Exhibiting the raw qualities of seductive allure, edgy rock, encrusted power, angelic grace, colorful brightness, and simplistic pleasure, the fashions on the Golden Globes red carpet gravitated the eyes and the mind. The fashions created an undeniable confidence, an unforgettable presence of golden strength. With both riskiness and calmness, daringness and easiness, the designs that graced the red carpet were wonderfully combined into a mixture of pure paradise. Whether it was Nicole Kidman’s sheer, seductive bodice, or Katharine McPhee’s plunging neckline; whether it was Amanda Seyfried’s vintage, innocent detailing, or Anne Hathaway’s white, timeless sparkles, the fashions on the Golden Globes red carpet were magnificent. However, there are some looks that I loved more than the others. My favorites from the magical night…

Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 5.53.54 PM

Jennifer Lawrence looked absolutely incredible on the red carpet this past Sunday. In her classic, strapless, red Christian Dior Haute Couture gown, Lawrence, with the help of the great Raf Simons, paid homage to the 1940s, going back in time to the proud, Dior full skirts and tight, nipped-in waists. This retro feel gave the look, as a whole, even more power and substance. With an encircling shiny belt and an indulging, structured bodice, Lawrence glistened in both her bright, carefree personality and glamorous, elegant appeal.

Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 5.56.56 PM

Straying away from the typical designers that emerge on the red carpet during award season, Michelle Dockery wore a rich, creamy white and gold dress, created by the upcoming designer Alexandre Vauthier. This brilliant gown, with the perfect, polished silhouette, gave off a feeling of regality, absorbing royal accents of golden hue and bright, seemingly metallic shine. The floridity of the gilded details was exquisite. And the high neckline and dramatic shoulder pads only added to the simple, shimmering beauty that radiates off of the luxurious gown and off of Dockery herself.

Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 5.57.30 PM

This long-sleeved, black Alexander McQueen gown was the perfect combination of bewitching enchantment and legendary elegance. Kate Hudson dazzled on the red carpet, bringing with her an air of sensual determination and compelling thought. This dress is remarkable, not only because of its sleek frame and shape, but because of its keyhole detailed cut-out and sparkling gold encrustation. These gold, beaded accents on the neckline and on the belt of the dress made the McQueen creation even more striking. The dress encompasses a wonderful, imperial artistry that is expressive and full of much value. On the red carpet, Kate Hudson looked full of artistic and powerful riches.

The red carpet truly shined this past Sunday, absorbing designs that glittered in both their meticulous detail and uncomplicated feature; designs that glittered in their incredible inspiration and deep meaning.

A Garden of Minimalistic Delights

Flowers of modernist beauty…

Shrubs of loud graphic print…

Stems of structured elegance…

The photo shoot is named Hothouse Flowers…

Grace Coddington, as I wrote a couple of months ago in a post entitled, Uniquely Finesse, Coddington’s Dream, is a remarkable talent, an enchanting romantic, a creative soul, a wonderful dreamer, and a fierce creative director. She is a woman who has the power and determination to emphasize, to emphasize the true powers of fashion, thought, art, photography, and meaning. She is a woman who has the dazzling ability to create a new world, a new world full of dramatic styles, fluid movements, and thoughtful imaginations. Grace Coddington sees fashion as something truly magical. She sees it as a universe of mystical delicacies where present and past, simple and complex unite; a world of manifestations, where cultured intellect, diverse achievement, and creative mind are empowered. Coddington is a strong influence in the fashion industry. Her wonderful messages are always heard, connecting passionately with the viewer. Her wonderful magic is felt in whatever she creates, holding a magnificent depth and capturing a dreamy spell. And this magic is felt so wonderfully in the January issue of Vogue, in a photo shoot that is both rhythmically and enchantingly inviting.

And it is edited by Grace Coddington…


In a garden of minimalistic delights, personal mysteries and heated intrigues; in a garden of revealed truths and modern ways of dress, thought and desire; in a garden of felt powers and unafraid stances of confidence and secrecy, there are unmistakable eerie qualities, alluring revelations of botanical beauties and modern fashions. There are seemingly painted flowers, with fine-detailed colors accentuated with distinction, colors of a mesmerizing beauty, a third dimension. In this garden, courageousness comes to life, as the flowers bloom and the secrets thrive. In this garden, fashions breathe with feeling, thought, freedom, and life, as the silks shine and the furs plush. In this garden, Coddington creates a new, unforgettable world where fashion soars and takes the reigns. The fashions tell the story.



With Spring’s beliefs of modernism and minimalism at hand, Coddington styles outfits of creative simplicity, architectural structure, and futuristic pleasure. She styles fashions of bold, pop-art flavor, retro stripe and circle, modern elegancy, seductive cut-out, silk, and sheer, and abstract, techno randomness.



Showing the wonderful creations of designers such as Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Prada, Burberry Prorsum, Givenchy, Rochas, and Marni, Coddington shows the world the modern, 21st woman, the woman of intense growth and determination, the woman of innovative belief and praise, the woman of both classic elegance and lively wildness and thrill. Coddington reveals the woman of productivity, the woman who takes risks and dares to be loud. Coddington depicts the woman in the garden who takes her own path, willing to overcome obstacles and make proud statements.

Whether it is through a fitted, flowered detailed gown, a two-toned fur stole, a striped redefined suit, a silk, bustier gown, or a crazy, illusionistic trench, the fashions of Grace Coddington’s garden signify a grand movement in fashion…


A movement to more bold decision and to more wearable unpredictability.

Photo Credits: Vogue