And the Oscar goes to…

With statues full of golden, hidden treasures and stunning talents full of praiseful skill and determination…

With directors, producers, editors, actors, actresses, designers, screenwriters, and more, coming together and recognizing the achievements of those that surrounded them…

With fun-filled laughs and musical numbers that held great energy and regard…

The Oscars was a night to remember…

And the fashion was worth remembering as well.

Closing the award show season with shimmering excitement and romantic, pale hued grace, the fashions of this year’s Oscars red carpet were absolutely stunning. And the actresses who wore them looked like perfection. With a wonderful, breathtaking combination of metallic dazzlements and light, romantic accents, the looks on yesterday’s red carpet left people with feelings of both bright vivacity and glowing charm; the looks on yesterday’s red carpet allowed people to live in both zesty, flavorful worlds and   whimsical, chimerical universes. Whether it was Nicole Kidman’s sparkling L’Wren Scott gown or Zoe Saldana’s lilac Alexis Mabille Couture creation, that fashions at the Oscars were magical.

Here are my favorite three looks…

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 6.17.09 PM

Amy Adams looked like a true princess in her strapless Oscar de la Renta ball gown. The look was entirely enchanting, with complementing, beautiful powder-blue shades and cascading, seemingly airless ruffles that tapered out effortlessly behind her. The bodice on the top added to the overall sophistication and delicacy of the look. Adams glided on the red carpet with experienced poise and frilly wonder. With dazzling diamonds, Adams radiated in both her majestic, consuming glory and delicate, refined elegance.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 5.41.52 PM

A bold, unwavering woman walked down the red carpet this past Sunday, embracing the power of couture and radiating in minimalistic design. And her name is Charlize Theron. This sleek, modernized, white Dior Haute Couture gown looked incredible. With its tight fit and glistening accentuated peplum waist, the gown shined in its confidence and refined, seductive edge. The structured tailoring and flowing train only added to the gown’s glory. Charlize Theron looked brilliant in her sharp, contemporary masterpiece, especially with her fierce, outspoken pixie cut.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 5.54.31 PM

Jennifer Lawrence is a true gem in Hollywood who, I believe, deserved the Oscar for Best Actress tremendously. Her natural talent is undeniable. Her genuine personality is unmistakable. And both of these qualities gleamed in their beauty on the red carpet this past Sunday. Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning in this blush, pale pink Dior Haute Couture gown. The grand, voluminous design looked extraordinary with its timeless bell-shape and flowing, rich train. The gown was full of luxury, enveloping superb, shining fabrics and details of light, sweeping textures. Finishing the look with a lovely diamond necklace trickling down her back, Jennifer Lawrence looked like a winner.

Marvelous in their simplicities and encrustations, in their sleek and resplendent natures, the fashions of the Oscars 2013 are worthy of remembrance…

They are worthy of their own Oscars!


Trash Bag Hats and Tin Foil Jewels

There is an unmistakable beauty in originality, in independent thought and creation. There is a quality of freedom, of a confidence in yourself and your talents. There is an undeniable vivacity in originality, a liveliness and realness to whatever is being created. Originality has this awe-consuming, fantastically enlightening power. It has the ability to reject conventions, to only do what it is you wish to do. Originality is taking your own route, moving in the direction that you wish to move in, not caring about outside opinions or changing beliefs, desires, and concerns. It is making what you wish to make, acting as you wish to act, being an individual. It is creating with a unique, unparalleled thought. In fashion, this newness, this distinguished idea and action is cherished. In fashion, this ability to do-it-yourself, to make something that ignores conventions, to make something that is not mass-produced, to make something that is not aided by outside forces…the ability to make something original, is embraced.

DIY, do-it-yourself, a concept that Louise Gray takes to heart and both physically and mentally acts upon in her Fall 2013 RTW collection…


Louise Gray has the ability to think only of her own thoughts, to take a vision that might seem crazy to some and use it and create it whole-heatedly, to its fullest potential. With Louise Gray, common practices in everyday society are not meant to be applied. Typical looks and styles are not meant to be copied and redone countless times. Louise Gray believes in fun-filled differences, and unhidden wildness and thrill. Nothing should be repeated. Nothing should be worn out and overdone. Nothing should be decided and made outside of your own wishes. With fashion, there should be an eccentricity, a livability that is captivating to watch and absorb. Louise Gray holds onto this DIY, independent mindset in her wonderfully empowering, insane collection.


Taking mundane household items and transforming them into raw, aesthetic masterpieces, Louise Gray’s Fall 2013 pieces are full of much craft. There are hats made out of trash bags and bangles made out of tin foil and rolls of tape. There are earrings made out of whisks and brooches and rings made out of toilet paper. There are necklaces made out of paper clips and pieces with tin foil pans and patches adding more decoration and zest. In the collection, there are a wide array of colors, ranging from hot pinks, purples, yellows, and royal blues to basic blacks and whites. Patterns of lines, curves, flowers, dots, and zig-zags, to name a few, are mix and matched onto wonderful creations. From tailored jackets to matching suits…from color blocked sweaters to button-downs…from sheer tights and gloves to printed slacks…from wild boots to unique dresses…the pieces in Louise Gray’s collection are incredible.




Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 3.40.01 PM

With a do-it-yourself mentality, anything is possible.

Photo Credits: Vogue

A Geometric Circle and a Slanted Line

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the world was changing. Restriction was turning into looseness. Conventional lifestyle was turning into radical change. The expected was turning into the unexpected. Mundane simplicity was turning into a thrilling controversy. Backward motions were turning around and traveling forward, into the future. Modernism was taking its hold on everyday life in society, bringing with it monumental changes, changes that spanned the globe and affected the human mindset and action. Technology was on the rise, captivating the attention of many. Photographs were being taken of woman and men, woman dressed in luxe, bell-shaped skirts, men dressed in three-piece suits with matching waistcoats. Short films were being taken of little children scurrying around in their frilly, puffed sleeve dresses and sailor suits. Voices were being recorded and heard. Airplanes and cars, respectively, were flying and driving into a new, fantastically advanced era.

Between the years of 1907 and 1914, there was a significant art movement that prospered in response to these dramatic changes. This movement gained inspiration from the native lands of Africa, the primitive, cultural art styles of the Africans, Micronesians, and Native Americans. It gained inspiration from the works of Paul Cézanne, the wonderful post-Impressionistic painter who relished in the plurality of sight and the allure of simplicity and discovery. And this art movement was called Cubism. Created by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque in Paris, Cubist art was a true revolution, adding to the modern qualities already being absorbed into society. Cubism encompassed the artistry of the linear form, the beauty of the geometric landscape. The artworks put emphasis on differing viewpoints, on changing angles construed by individual minds. Cubism looked down upon tradition and conventionality and rather, looked up to seemingly disorderly magnificence and obsessive alteration. With abstract, varying scenes of lines and shapes, Cubism is a form of art that is unforgettable.


And Nicole and Michael Colovos of Helmut Lang, for their Fall 2013 collection, took and absorbed Cubism in their pieces, letting it geometrically shine…

Reflecting upon the black and white Cubist paintings of Pablo Picasso, the collection from Helmut Lang is incredible. Taking Picasso’s loves of defined structure, edgy linearity, monochromatic color, and radical shape, the pieces on the runway emphasize the wonderful combination of both minimalistic and chaotic fury and power. The hues of the collection are very simple, working mainly in Picasso’s famous color palette of black, gray, and white/cream. The pieces reflect upon the complexities and wonders of both indirect and direct design. The pieces, in their entirety, take the Cubist elements of multiple pattern and unique architectural shape. And with them, the fashions intensify even more.





The pieces in the collection are simple, yet elegant. The silhouettes are defined, angled, polished, sharpened, and structured. There are slim fitted, sparkling slacks, sheer tights of black and white, and baggy pants. There are accented mesh and abstract short sleeve tops. There are dresses of boxy shape and belted emphasis. There are solid and printed skirts. There are lush, fur jackets, double-breasted coats, long trenches, and blazers with dramatic, long lapels. With a wide array of fabrics such as, rubber, leather, wool, and felt, the collection stands out in all its glory.



With elements of Cubism and with fashions of structured grace…


The modern world of fashion continues to emerge and prosper.

Photo Credits: Vogue

A Storm Is Just A Myth

No matter the social, economic, and political troubles occurring in the world today…

No matter the conflicts garnering televised attention and thought-provoking analysis…

No matter the radical changes in weather- the hurricanes, the winter storms…

Fashion lives on.

Fashion has an important, innate quality from within, an ability to carry on, to fight against the gloomy powers of injustice and despair; to not let man-made and natural sufferings be a hinderance, a prevention from stressing its ultimate messages on being yourself, embracing both your subtle and wild differences, and not allowing judgments to frighten you away. Throughout the world, fashion continues to be a supreme, awe-consuming trip to the spirited world of self-discovery. With fashion, you recognize your bright and dark passions, your influential desires and dislikes, your opinionated beliefs and concerns. With fashion, you reveal your unique qualities, your cultured awareness, both your diverse and simplistic creative energies. The mind of fashion could never be blocked, halted from thinking of past radical changes in design, from thinking of current trends of physical and mental substance, from thinking of the future, of imminent looks full of mysterious delight.

And the snowstorm, Nemo, in the Northeast, certainly did not stop fashion’s reign on both the runways and in the streets…

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 12.55.55 PM

With heavy snowflakes falling from the misty blue sky and powerful winds gusting over Fashion Week’s tents, fashion was still outside, fascinating the urban landscape, warming up the chilly, February air. The streets of New York City were lined in both blazing, bold graphics and dark, midnight leathers. There were simple, blue jeans and edgy, leather pants; there were stand-out, color-blocked trenches and luxurious fur coats; there were rough, motorcycle boots and men’s inspired heels. There were band-printed sweatshirts and classic sweaters of simplistic hue.

The storm did not stop the fashions from soaring and prospering in the brisk air.

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 12.55.33 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 12.58.59 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 12.56.56 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 12.58.43 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 12.56.15 PM

Fashion never stops


Street Styles never end.

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 12.57.06 PM

Photo Credits: Vogue and Vanity Fair

Flea Market Couture

A Flea Market…

A consumers paradise full of valuable merchandise and unique products.

A traditional bazaar that relishes in bargains on used goods.

And most significantly…

An open-air wonderland of historic antiques and remarkable memories.

A Flea Market is a place where past times awaken, where spirits of years ago come alive and familiarize themselves with the modern world. A flea market is a place where new finds are discovered, where pieces of much substance and worth emerge from memory and become reality. Among the many items that emphasize the flea market’s undeniable charm are elements from different decades. In a flea market, you take a trip to a different era, a different world. You travel to the Roaring ’20s, becoming an independent, scandalous flapper; you travel to the 1950s, the era of Rock & Roll, embracing the rising culture of sexual, musical, and social awakening; you travel to the stand-out ’80s, living a life of boldness and glamour. The flea market is a place of wonder, a place where imaginations run wild, a place where dreams are formed and new interests are explored.

In a flea market, there is an unmistakable beauty, an undeniable appeal to fashion’s endless combinations and connections. Under the market’s cultural eye, there is a diversity, a brilliant array of fashions from all around the world, from all different moments of history. The flea market is the universe of mix and match, of eco-friendly recycling and reusing. It is the place where diversified textures, fabrics, prints, and designs come together and unite, creating a masterpiece of desirable intrigue and cultural awareness. With the fashions of the flea market, come new ideas full of vivacity and eccentricity. With the fashions of the flea market, come new wants full of originality and unconventionality.

For this Spring, the couture, Artisanal collection from Maison Martin Margiela encompasses all of these elements, creating fashions that are memorably stunning and wonderfully inventive…

Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 3.40.54 PM

With mysteriously dark face masks giving off an anonymous feel, this collection focuses on  the essence of the lively, experimental spirit. Straying away from materialistic desires and necessities for status, this collection dazzles in its ability to recollect, repurpose, and reuse. It shines in its ability to break away from the norm and the accepted. It sparkles in its ability to gather the vibes of different cultures and histories and bring them together in distinctive, adventurous creations. This collection is the flea market on the runway. It is that flea market exploration, that discovery of a beautiful, daring find. It is that flea market worldly presence, that realization of the breathtaking beauty of diversity. It is that historic flea market remembrance, that unearthing of past memories of change.

It is that flea market fundamental desire to be yourself, that want to choose what you wish to choose.

Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 3.48.37 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 3.43.23 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 3.47.51 PM

Relishing in the maximum, the fashions that walked down the Maison Martin Margiela runway are wild in their bold, zesty energy, in their vintage, historic appeal, and in their artistic, eco-friendly flare. In this collection, there are 1920s embroidered dresses transformed into trench coats, windbreakers, and other forms of outerwear. There are gowns and coats made out of colorful candy wrappers. There are pieces embellished with beaded detail, made to look like messy paint brush strokes. There are pieces infused with an Eastern flavor, basking in international style and grace. There are bandeau tops covered in green and blue feathers. There are wedged, white boots splattered with dark color. There is lush velvet. There is floral print. There is randomness. And there is thrill.

Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 3.45.32 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 3.47.27 PM

The Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2013 Artisanal Collection…

Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 3.54.00 PM

A truly terrific find.