The Marvelous Styles of Helsinki

The cosmopolitan capital of world design…

The cultural center of Finland’s modern and traditional ways…

The layered city of creativity and fierce vivacity…

The destination…Helsinki.

Helsinki is the largest city in Finland, containing infinite layers of wonderful history and modernity, the past world and the future moments of innovation. Helsinki is an artistic, cultural city bursting with natural, as well as metropolitan beauty. It is a city full of sensory parks of vibrant color and churches of historical grace and worship. It is a city full of museums and exhibitions revealing classical Finnish arts and contemporary, graphic works of substance. It is a city full of musical venues emitting breathtaking sounds. It is a city where art and cultural festivals thrive in the brightening sun during the warm months.

Helsinki is also a city of fashion, of creative design.

Helsinki is home to beautiful, mesmerizing fashions of the old and the new, of the vintage styles of years ago and the current, inspiring designs of Finland’s magical fashion grace. Helsinki fashions carry with them a truly stunning eclectic beauty. There is a sense of individuality within each piece of clothing, a breathtaking youthful energy that ignores the common and the same. Pieces of different colors, textures, and prints mix with one another and combine to form a united outfit of eccentricity and independence. The fashions and styles of Helsinki have a voice, a purpose. They have a power that is uplifting in there imaginative, thought-provoking capabilities. In Helsinki, there is a thrilling creativity and significant meaning to design and style.



Helsinki styles radiate in their sustainability and appreciation for the past. Newness and trendiness is not required, as unique, vintage pieces are worn readily and proudly on the streets. In Helsinki, secondhand styles mesmerize in their past and current glory, as interesting lives from years ago are revealed for everybody to see. From thrift shops to parent’s closets,  Helsinki styles come from different worlds and walks of life. Each piece worn has a story, a beauty, a significant presence that cannot be ignored. In Helsinki, the secondhand styles brighten up the streets in their eco-conscious grace and admiration for the world of years ago. The styles liven up the streets in their stimulating, cultural prints and dazzling array of colors. The styles carry with them the diverse emotions and powerful movements of the past world.



Helsinki styles prosper in their inventive energies and thrills, in their ambitious mixes and matches, in their multitude of powerful influences, in their moveable, textile comforts. The styles of Helsinki hold an undeniable spirit of brilliance and liberty. There is a choice within each piece of design. From minimalistic styles of sleekness to loudly printed styles of wild outrageousness, Helsinki styles relish in their endless universe of opportunity and personality. And with comfort as a defining importance, the styles have the ability to advance with exquisite activity.




Helsinki style is a style of chance, a style of opportunity.

Helsinki style is a style of uniqueness, a style of artistry.

Helsinki style is a style of freedom.

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*A big thank you to Mari from Evadesigns for telling me about this wonderful, Helsinki world of style and design*

A Rebellion Full of Aggressive Spirit

Yesterday evening, a do-it-yourself independence soared through the Metropolitan Museum’s front doors, as an anti-establishment viewpoint acted out in fierceness and strength. Freedoms were embraced, as conformist principles were thrown away. Uniqueness loudly staked its rightful place, as similarity quietly sneaked out of the innovative atmosphere.

Key components and aesthetics of the Punk movement were recognized. The wild studs, seductive leathers, revealing rips, loud prints, and colors were worn with glory. The unconventionalities of the fashion world stunned in their outrageousness and unafraid beliefs.

The Met Gala strode in and rocked out with a determination and force that was unmistakable. Celebrating the new exhibit, “PUNK: Chaos to Couture,” the past originalities and edgy fashions of the Punk movement were shown.

My three favorite looks from the night…

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 8.00.27 PMRooney Mara looked absolutely stunning in this white lace Givenchy gown. The gown was marvelous in its contrasting feminine and edgy design. With delicate white lace cascading down the front, Mara floated down the carpet with a blushing grace and soft elegancy. With bold zippers forming a deep v-cut and defined, squared-off shoulders, Mara strode down the carpet with an absolute purpose, an authoritative confidence. With dark lipstick and slicked back hair, this look was perfect in its conflicting virtuous and seductive qualities.


Embracing the youthful rebelliousness of the Punk movement and experimenting with unexpected creations, Anne Hathaway grasped the audaciousness of the cultural, political, and fashion Punk revolution. This vintage Versace gown dazzled in its black sparkles and feathered sleeves. It stood out with its revealing sheer panels that thrilled in a racy flavor. The gown was a design of bravery and autonomy, a design of distinction and character. With platinum blonde hair, Hathaway had a confidence that was impossible to ignore.


A paint-splattered Giles Deacon gown of shining, silky gold mismatched with Christian Louboutin velvet, tartan boots. A Philip Treacy mohawk headdress accented with lush black feathers and golden encrustations paired with fearless Fred Leighton jewels–Sarah Jessica Parker lived for punk during the Met Gala. With a wildness in style and proudness in attitude, Sarah Jessica Parker dressed based on the Punk elements of dramatic individuality and defiance against the norm. This avant-garde look is truly stunning in its inconsistent appeal.

Punk was praised. Originality was admired. Spirit was respected.

The Met Gala was a night full of distinguished looks and rebellious adventures.