An Optical Illusion

A differing impression…

A multiplying perception…

A changing of reality…

An optical illusion.

Optical illusions are visuals that contain more than one interpretation, more than one decision as to what the true nature of the image really is. These illusions create differing impressions of what is the true reality, what is the actual, defining substance of the imagery. They hold with them memorable, mysterious experiences of mental activity. What is really there? What truly lies beneath the simplistic or confusing imagery? Optical illusions allow the senses to be awakened to territories of wide interpretation, to fields of magical stimulation of the sight and of the mind.

These illusions gravitate the eye of the viewer tremendously, stirring curiosity and interest. The enigmatic colors, patterns, details, and placements radiate an intriguing aura of sensory awareness–a visual incentive to look and discover. They radiate an aura of mental processing–a psychological gaze into the depths of the visuals presented. Optical illusions grab your attention in their mystical layers–they make you see things differently. A desire for knowledge cannot help but arise from within. A wish to see beyond the illusion cannot help but speedily form.

And for Spring 2014, the designer Marco de Vincenzo recognized the interesting appeal of optical illusions in his collection.


The Marco de Vincenzo collection is optically and geometrically bold in its thrillingly striking illusionary qualities. The pieces of the collection hold within them those multiple interpretations, those diversified, infinite impressions of the mind and sight. The pieces of the collection hold within them those absorbing questions of reality, those wishes of the ultimate discovery, the truth beneath the design. Each look has its own compelling, marvelous qualities of feeling–daringness, intensity, and pure fascination. The collection is an animated, sensational wonderland of multiple perceptions.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 4.30.16 PM


Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 4.32.33 PM

The shapes of this collection take you on imaginative, impactful journeys into your ways of perception. This assortment of patterned modernization is wonderfully diversified in its multitude of shapes and illusionary designs. Innumerable experimental intricacies combine to form a mesmerizing mixture of alternative, optical flavor. Within the collection, there are many digital geometric prints that capture instant attention, from seemingly never-ending stripes and diagonals to both defined and faded squares… meshing together to heighten the activity of the mind. There are lightened and darkened colorations on display, from  twinkling silvers to rusty golds, from light purple hues to active grays, from vivid whites to  darkened blues. There are a wide array of fabrics emphasized on these designs of optical illusion, a radiance of texture accentuated with nylon, leather, and more…

A glistening shine, a sparkling shimmer, an embroidered delight, a illusionary conglomerate masterpiece.


Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 4.33.13 PM


A differing impression…

A multiplying perception…

A changing of reality…

The Marco de Vincenzo collection.

Photo Credits: Vogue

The Eclectic and the Eccentric

On the runway…

A woman emerges from a living, fertile atmosphere of greens, yellows, and blossoming, prismatic hues. She walks on this flat piece of land, this seemingly endless expanse of sparkling shrubs and grasses, of sparkling life. There is an innocence to her harmless activities, a lighthearted attribute of beauty in her puffed gingham and delicate lace. This woman is a woman of the land, of the prairie.

Another woman moves to the forefront, strongly making her presence known, walking with a clear purpose in her step, staring ahead with an array of powers declaring orders in her eyes. She carries within herself an aura of royalty, an unmistakable regality in her unfazed, majestic movement. There is something wonderfully magnificent as she shimmers rich golds and silvers, as she dazzles in luxe satin, in adorned corset attire. This woman is a woman of the court, an Elizabethan royal.

A final, significant woman enters the now shadowy, mysteriously darkened scene, carrying in her mind and soul an eerie romantic emotion and nature. A captivating presence of unconstrained grace, she is a woman of historic remembrance, of expression, of artistic wonder. There is an emotional theatricality to her, an uncanny, misty touch. A mesmerizing, unsettled feeling is left in thought and feeling, an inspiration in her coverings of misty intrigue. This woman is a woman of the passionate, of dark romance.

All of these three woman appeared on the runway together, in the Meadham Kirchhoff Spring 2014 collection, contrasting and combining in a wonderful mix of the eclectic, the eccentric.




In the Meadham Kirchhoff Spring 2014 collection, there is a wonderful diversity of ideas and styles–a wide array of beauty delved into and explored in interest, in adoration of nature, of royalty, of romance, and of history. The collection evokes the senses and evokes the mind in its original charm–the pieces hold this artistic creativity, this uniqueness that radiates in their differing stance. The wide array of garments presented span inspiring lengths, taking in beautiful elements of eccentricity, of unconventionality, soaring in universes of daring choice and extraordinary originality. Styles of all different types walked down the ever-changing, delightful runway–styles of innocence, styles of wildness, styles of secret, styles of openness…styles of the prairie, styles of the royalty, and styles of the dark romantic.



The runway was home to many distinct fashions…imaginative, inventive variations of a bold appeal. Within the collection, there are modernized pinafores and embroidered, golden corsets. There are dark-hued, double-breasted blazers and delicate lace, white gowns. There are sensual slips and skirts of a misty, moody presence. There are bold, glistening coats and exaggerated hats, as well as shining colored gloves. There are snakeskin and blooming flower prints. There are imperial golden encrustations and sheer, satin accents. There are colors of black, red, gold, and white. And there are the characteristics and feelings of the natural land, of the royal court, and of the romance.




The woman of the prairie, the woman of the court, and the woman of the dark romance are revealed in eclectic and eccentric allure.

Photo Credits: Vogue

Effortlessness in a Relaxing Atmosphere

Appearing before your very eyes is a woman–a woman who emits a radiating, pure spirit of happiness…a woman who emits a calming tune of ease. She stands with an aura of confidence, a magical uncomplicated allure. Her composure is delightfully relaxed and languidly carefree. There are no worries and constraints–there is just an unmistakable fluency in attitude, design, and life. And then, with a beautiful, soft charm, the outfit she is wearing begins to sparkle with a brightening, untroublesome grace. Her loose attire soothingly flows down her frame, as a calming energy captures the mind and soul. The designs emanate a wonderful easiness, an inexistent difficulty…a stream of cool, fresh water gliding confidently towards a destination at an unhurried pace. The woman then begins to turn around and walk away, illuminating her surroundings as she freely progresses.

Her look is effortless.

A big trend for New York Fashion Week, Spring 2014 RTW is this effortlessness in design and structure. Collections are showing blouses, skirts, pants, dresses, and more, that contain and nurture these characteristics of simplistic ease. Comfort is being emphasized. Relaxation is being cherished. And both Joseph Altuzarra, of the brand Altuzarra, and Jason Wu show and highlight these features magnificently.


Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 3.02.21 PM


Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 3.04.01 PM

Joseph Altuzarra’s Spring 2014 RTW collection gives off the vibrations of looseness and easiness perfectly–constriction does not exist in this elegantly freeing environment. The looks that proudly revealed themselves on the runway were looks of splendid contentment and joyous flexibility. A calmness soared from creation to creation. The separate pieces in this wide array of menswear-inspired shirts, slit mid-calf length skirts, cropped jackets, ponchos, and metallic colored gowns…The separate materials in this wide array of fringed leathers, Japanese boro patchworks, and striped silks,… joined together to create a look of pure, pleasurable release.

Jason Wu…

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 3.55.35 PM


Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 3.56.14 PM

As Jason Wu himself described, his collection is “a dialogue between construction and ease.” It is a collection that is not concentrated on powerful structure and defined tailoring; rather, it is a collection that highlights the beauties of relaxed construction and simple design. Within each design, there is this bewitching delicacy, this beautiful quality of modern feminine grace. With loose-fitting slip dresses, languorous light and dark pants, skirts of sheer and beading, and more, Jason Wu’s creations rise to a smooth significance.

Effortlessness is sprouting its wings and coming to life.

Photo Credits: Vogue