A Magical Clock of Delight

Although the spring may be slowly approaching…the new fashions of Fall 2014 are readily appearing for all to see.

Fashion has this extraordinary quality that allows you to look beyond nature’s inevitable seasonal changes, look beyond what is current in the mixed, refreshing world of design. Nothing has to be concrete. Nothing has to stay the same. Fashion does not need to be tied down in time–its alluring clock does not need to freeze in place. Instead, fashion has the capability, not only to travel into the past, not only to live in the present, but to also look forward and glimpse into a future of wonderful mysteries and delightful intrigues. Fashion’s time clock ticks at a magical pace. Fashion’s time clock allows changes to appear and prosper. Fashion’s time clock allows the Pre-Fall 2014 fashions to shine.

Even though spring fashions have yet to appear in their entirety on the cultured streets of cities, in the blooming gardens of romantic amazement, in the lives of people in the world, the fashions of Fall 2014 are starting to show themselves to the fullest, in all their boldness and glory. Whether it is Vera Wang’s collection of dark hued, sleek structures or Michael Kors collection of menswear inspired garments of relaxed attitudes, the Pre-Fall 2014 collections increase the thrill of what is to come and what is to be revealed in fashion’s future.

Vera Wang

This Pre-Fall 2014 collection that Vera Wang created is extremely appealing in its ability to reveal the fantastic powers of darkened colors. The fashions shown are strong and memorable in their modernistic, as well as sometimes reminiscent attributes. The midnight hues only gravitate the eye and the mind. Not only revealing powers, it also reveals the mystical, romantic qualities these colors truly hold. Each beautiful piece in this collection gives off this undeniable energy of fascination that is impossible to look past. The fashions give off a passionate enchantment.


Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 4.07.06 PM


With highly structured, perfectly seamed dresses, as well as drop-waist designs, with futuristic, as well as fur-accented coats, with bold leather pants and pencil skirts, with sleek, sometimes patterned trousers with a delightful shine, with effortlessly flowing gowns of solid and shimmer, with long, leather gloves of an enticing quality, and with lace accents, floral details, and sparkling sequins, this collection for fall is exquisite.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2014 collection is wonderful in its blending of menswear and womenswear inspired elements. The fashions in this collection give off this effortless feeling, this relaxed mentality that breaks stereotypical judgments of femininity and masculinity in the fashion world. These pre-fall fashions are simply mesmerizing. They remove tight constraints and allow freedoms to travel in their own preferred directions. These fashions do not need elaborate elements to glisten; rather, the fashions in this great collection radiate and succeed in their flexibility, in their calm, engaging spirit.


Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 5.15.52 PM


With oversized coats of individualistic allure, with loose button downs and relaxed baggy trousers, with fresh, knee-length pleated skirts, with turtle necks and other cozy sweaters, with soft cardigans and casual sweatshirts, with sleek blazers and printed pantsuits, and with effortless sneakers and memorable oxfords and loafers of an elevated height, this collection for Fall 2014 is excellent.

It is always exciting to see where fashion is going to go in the future…

And with these and other Pre-Fall 2014 collections, the future becomes more and more visible.

Photo Credits: Vogue