A World of Many Definitions

Today’s world of couture is a world full of many definitions. Contemporary couture does not have a set look, a set, mundane appearance. In fashion’s modern environment, couture does not have a set of unbreakable restrictions, a set of guidelines or rules that prohibit creativity and modernity to rise to the surface, basking on the runway’s glow. Nothing is holding designers back. Nothing is stopping uniqueness from reaching its fullest potential. With newness and change, fashion has taken couture and redefined it in many different ways, created its many bold forms. Rather than concrete, couture is something airy and free, something that has the ability to alter and transform into something magical.

With the beautiful Spring 2014 couture collections appearing on the runways, this modern world of couture is shown. There is an inventiveness, a wonderful imaginative quality that allows it to shine. Whether it is Valentino’s nature infused designs of animals, plants, and creation or Maison Martin Margiela’s wonderful collection of printed, ornamented mixtures, both collections show the modern world of haute couture, with all of its vivacity and beauty.


A wonderland of creation, of the rise of nature’s elements, of animals developing, of plants growing and flower blooming, of life taking form, Valentino’s Spring 2014 couture collection is absolutely magnificent in its ability to capture the wonders of nature and the beauties that it holds within its infinite paths. There is something so marvelous about these designs, something so breathtaking about their thematic elements on origination and natural development. It seems as if each fashion took a part of the outdoors and emphasized it in a way that was unforgettable. The viewer can not help but be drawn to both the intricate and simple pieces of the collection, seeing the wonders of nature blossom boldly and majestically.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 4.06.28 PM


Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 4.06.49 PM

With accents of sheer, regal lace, and bold feathers…with designs and prints of plants, butterflies, lions, tigers, and cheetahs…with glitter, beading, and floral encrustations… with breathtaking gowns, oversized coats, daring capes, and skirts…with earthy and rich hues of moss-green, dark and light brown, off white, black, gold, gray, and red…the couture fashions in this collection of nature are exquisite.

Maison Martin Margiela

Unique, delightful wildness, uncontrollable spontaneity and thrill, Maison Martin Margiela’s Spring 2014 couture collection is incredible! Each piece in this collection is innovative, each piece carries something bold and fresh within it. In each fashion on the runway, commonness is pushed aside. Repetition is nonexistent. Margiela created a collection that houses within it a lively, individualistic mixture of colors, prints, materials, and designs. The pieces are extraordinary in their artistry and loud expression. Choice and freedom is powerfully embraced as a wonderfully chaotic voice of variety speaks for all to hear. In this collection, the modernity of couture rises to the surface.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 4.47.09 PM


Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 4.45.59 PM

With prints of antique brocade, florals, stars, tattoo designs, and retro and geometric patterns…with accents of glitter, sheer, and foil-like wrapping material…with a variety of embellishments, glitter, and shine…with colorful striped pants, t-shirts, skirts, modern dresses, printed pants and matching jackets, short mod dresses, oversized coats, fearless trenches, printed kimonos, arm-wear of decorative eyes…with kaleidoscopic hues…the couture fashions in this collection of excitement are dazzling.

Today’s world of couture is certainly a world full of many definitions.

Photo Credits: Vogue


Coming Together with Fashions of Determination

Last night, the talents of film and television came together, uniting as one to celebrate the incredible, exciting past year in entertainment. Actors dazzled under the stage lights, supporting their peers and the remarkable entertainment industry, as a whole. No matter comedies or dramas, movies or television shows, there was this undeniable sense of coming together, of enjoying the moments that they, as actors, have all shared and experienced together. With spirited acknowledgment and heartfelt remembrance, the night was warm and full of delight. Last night, the talents of film and television came together for a magnificent show–the Screen Actors Guild Awards. And last night, fashion was out for all to see.

The fashions at this year’s SAG awards were beautiful. Whether simple or decorative, each design was stunning in its own, memorable way. On the red carpet, fashions of glorious structures and intricacies glistened with each flash of the camera. Boldness and strength delightfully appeared–each creation had an exquisite, vivid independence. My three favorite looks of the night…


Sandra Bullock looked absolutely fantastic at the SAG awards. Her Lanvin gown was stunning in its breathtaking combination of timeless, classic design and bold modernity. There was an unmistakable originality to the creation. The large, glistening bow and high, fresh slit were fascinating together–the past was used in unison with the present. With a vibrant emerald color and a shining material, Bullock did not shy away from taking a risk and wearing something strikingly elegant. Paired with glistening golden heels, the look was fantastic!


This purple sequined, form-fitting Dior gown sparkled colorfully and magically on Jennifer Lawrence. The dress was a shining creation of beauty and elegance. The dress was a joyful creation of fun-filled kaleidoscopic hues. Lawrence walked down the red carpet in a strapless design that made her glitter. Timidity did not exist in this excellent look. Reticence  was not the goal. A fearless energy was there. An energy that was left to glow and make a statement. Jennifer Lawrence, with her sleek, short hair cut and strong earrings, looked great in this radiant design!


Lupita Nyong’o looked magnificent in this bright, turquoise fitted Gucci gown. This design was simply extraordinary in its standout color and intricate ornamentations. The enchanting turquoise hue lacked fear and had much beauty. The bold color gave the gown a voice. The gold accented, flowered encrustations on the upper half of the gown allowed the dress to leave the ordinary and delve into something exceptional. The detailings added something spectacular to the fluid gown. Lupita Nyong’o shined in this terrific, special design!

And now the Oscars…

Fashion is Seen…Fashion is Heard

There is always a thrilling feeling when award season begins once again. There is this unmistakable excitement, this anticipation to see the latest runway looks and custom-made creations glisten in their beauty and brilliance as they move on the powerful red carpet in an environment of wonderful talent. Something magical happens when award show gowns boldly reveal themselves for the world to see. Their glittery ornamentations sparkle in the sun’s rays. Their sleek cuts boldly move in their daringness and unwillingness to settle and conform. On the red carpet, designers are able to show their incredible talents–the creative minds of fashion can create memorable moments and have their voices be heard. On the red carpet, designs are able to fully thrive and prosper–fashion has the opportunity to show how powerful and meaningful it really is. And last night, this is exactly what designers and fashion did.

Yesterday’s Golden Globes revealed a wide array of stunning designs that were powerfully mesmerizing in their details, structures, and proud, unique qualities. Whether it was deep, revealing cuts or modernistic capes, shimmering gowns of infinite encrustations or simple, solid gowns of much substance and beauty, fashion made plenty of statements and marks on the meaningful red carpet. Although there were many looks I loved and admired during the Golden Globes yesterday, there were three that stood out to me more than the rest. Here are my favorite three looks below…


Margot Robbie looked effortlessly chic in this sleek, inviting off-white Gucci gown. With a simple smoothness and powerful fluidity to the design, Robbie undeniably radiated and flowed on the red carpet with each step she took. The deep, perfectly cut neckline and high slit in the front only heightened the gown’s and Robbie’s strikingness and style. The breathtaking crystallized accents and emerald gems that lined the upper half of the gown only heightened the look’s overall power and shine. With matching emerald hued heels and bright, dazzling earrings, the beauty of the gown only rose greater. Margot Robbie was beautiful and dauntless.

Elisabeth MossAn edgy, dark look of dazzlements and intricacies…A glistening, glossy gown of geometric, Art-Deco beading and black and burgundy hues…Elisabeth Moss was marvelously fierce in this breathtaking J. Mendel gown. Looking towards the past, while also looking towards the present and future, this dress was breathtaking in its ability to take elements of modernity from the changing, jazzy times ago and pair them with elements of modernity in the world today and in the approaching years. With her short, fearless haircut, loud lipstick, and sharp golden jewels, Moss exuded a secure confidence in this wonderfully detailed, fitted creation.


Cate Blanchett was absolutely stunning in this black lace Armani Privé gown. There was something so magnificently unique about this intricate design, something so daring, something so wonderful about its memorable artistry. The dress was of a dark romantic nature–with its mystic, seemingly antique lace details, with its heightened, finely netted floral neckline, with its sheer cap sleeves, and with its alluring atmosphere of intrigue. The low, fearless open back of the striking gown only added to the vigor and captivating exquisiteness of this look. Cate Blanchett’s talent and beauty shined for all to see.

The fashions that graced the red carpet during the Golden Globes yesterday were simply remarkable.

Until the next award show red carpet…