The Blooming Beauty of Spring

With the disappearance of frigid temperatures…With the emergence of the welcoming sun…

With the stoppage of misty flurries and flakes of snow…With the presence of sparkling clarity and blooming beauty…

Spring has arrived.

Spring is a magical time of the year in which the coldness of previous months blows away, as an unparalleled welcoming warmth and awakening natural presence enters in a twirl of delightful energy and spirit. It is a time of the year in which nature has the ability to grow, to rise out of the once frigid ground and sprout in the new, fresh air of colorful, twinkling beauty. During spring, there is an appreciation for all that is in the natural world, for all the exquisiteness that the dazzling flowers, fresh greenery, majestic trees full of leaves emits into the atmosphere. Spring is a time when brightness is able to emerge in a graceful swirl of determination, allowing people to lay outside under the sun among nature’s blooming elements. And this wonderful beauty of spring shines and comes to life through painting and fashion, through Vincent van Gogh and Marni’s Spring 2014 RTW collection.

Vincent van Gogh created various paintings that evoke the beauties housed within nature and the beauties housed within the awakening atmosphere of spring. Through his thick, bold brushstrokes and use of breathtaking, rich coloration, he brings forth spring’s flowering strength and memorability, nature’s fantastic qualities of clarity and variety.

Whether it be his Daubigny’s Garden which heightens nature’s eternal beauty, spring’s world of vivacity, its fluid serenity of movement that flows wonderfully through each freeing stroke of paint…


Whether it be his View of Arles Flowering Orchards which brings forth nature’s infinite kaleidoscopic presence, spring’s world of lovely brightness and various coloration, its magical blooming of life that shows through the orchard’s sprouting lands of textured growth…


Spring rises and thrives. And it only comes to life further by the designer Consuelo Castiglioni in the Spring 2014 RTW Marni collection.

The flowers of Van Gogh and the flowers of spring sprout to life through fashion in this collection of nature’s vivacity and spirit. Spring is exhibited in its dazzling growth, in its blooming beauty of brilliant flowers and in its joyful atmosphere of creation. Spring shows its awakening enthusiasm, its desire to produce emotion and evoke the senses. Through fantastic use of textured appliqués and beautiful creativity, nature rises out of the fabric and spring fully shines in its wonders as it delightfully grows in the world.


Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 12.27.37 PM


Spring states its presence–its unconfined beauty stands out. Through vibrant, sparkling hues of red, orange, aqua blue, light pink, yellow, and green…through the feelings of warmth and vivacity emitted from the fashions, the changing of the seasons is recognized.

Through Vincent van Gogh and the Marni collection, spring is embraced.

Spring comes to life.

Photo Credits (Marni Spring 2014): Vogue

Beautiful Remembrance and Fantastic Talent

The Oscars was a fantastic end to award season. It was a show of beautiful appreciation for the wonderful, defining talents of the industry, for the thriving actors and actresses of the past and present, for the talents who were lost and will always be remembered for their impacts on the film world. It was a show for the whole film community. The Oscars was also a time of laughter, an environment of joyous humor and fun-filled gaiety and lightness, a time when the talents of film gathered together in spirit and welcoming merriment.

And the Oscars was also a fantastic end to award season fashion.

With an array of pale blushed hues and darker, midnight colorations…with an array of modern, sleek designs and ornamented gowns of romantic boldness…the fashions on the Oscars red carpet were marvelous in their defining, breathtaking uniqueness. There was such beauty within them, such talented artistry that magnificently spoke out for all to hear, that magnificently shined for all to see. Here are my favorite three looks of the night…


Lupita Nyong’o looked breathtaking in this stunning light blue Prada gown. This look was magnificent in its ability to carry with it both a magical delicacy and a quality of unquestionable fierceness. The flowing gown had this enchanting elegance, this unparalleled luminosity that shined in its angelic, pastel glory, that was beautifully mixed with this stunning fearlessness, this deep, striking v-cut down the center, that created a bold, fantastic look. Paired with a glistening golden headband, and other golden jewels, this look was perfect. Lupita Nyong’o is sure to rise in this film industry and I am very excited to see how she wonderfully develops in the future!


This glistening whitened hued, form-fitting Atelier Versace gown looked absolutely fantastic on Kate Hudson. This look was marvelous in its shining classic beauty and new allure. This fluid Versace creation held within it unmistakable qualities of modernity, of timeless glamour heightened with an unforgettable, bold freshness that was simply magnificent. This creation, encrusted with sparkling ornamentations and further livened with a striking, matching draped cape, gave off feelings of empowerment, qualities of wonderful strength. With a plunging neckline and overall shining charm, Kate Hudson looked terrific.


Cate Blanchett is one of the greatest talents in the world today. One cannot help but admire her incredible, unforgettable acting abilities on the screen and on the stage. She holds within her this marvelous strength, this power that gravitates the mind and spirit, that evokes the viewer’s emotions and allows one to fully comprehend the character she is playing. At this year’s Oscars, Cate Blanchett looked radiant in this blush Armani Privé gown. The gown had this lively grace to it, this breathtaking elegance that rose out of the design’s artistic brilliance and the designer’s skill. With the blushed sheer gown decorated with a variety of crystallized and pearl beadings and paired with matching earrings, Blanchett looked magnificent. I am so, so happy that she won the Oscar for Best Actress–the award she certainly deserved!

I cannot wait to see the red carpet fashions during the next award show season!