Joy in the Summer Sun

With the sun beginning to escape from the covered, cloudy skies…

With the chilly temperatures beginning to be replaced by delightful warmness…

With wonderful, relaxing beaches, majestic blue waves, and fun-filled pools slowly beginning their emergence, entering the novel, brightly sparkling atmosphere…

The colder days of windy bursts of air and snowy mists are being forgotten. The warmer days of outdoor excitement and dazzling growth are being anticipated and readily welcomed.

And in excitement over those sunny, beautiful days in the growing glow of nature, in eagerness to dazzle on the sandy beaches, to explore around fresh lakes and ponds, to relax by vivid blue pools, to swim amongst the refreshing waters, and to wear bathing suits that emit your individualistic spirit into the glittering environment of radiance, here are an array of bathing suits from the past decades that exhibit the wonderful, undeniable beauty of history and the fantastic days of warmth and sun.









The Locations of Modernity and Daring Fashions

Throughout history, there have been a variety of dazzling, meaningful locations that have allowed modernity to prosper. These locations ignored restrictions and welcomed radical ideas, the nonconforming populations of freeness and spirited joy. There was an undeniable lack of restraint in these worlds of sparkling change and daring action. There was an indisputable embracement of choice in these worlds of elimination of past moral judgments and removal of what is not of current, beautiful modernity. Throughout the changing times in society, these locations awakened sensual abandonments and independent thoughts. These were the locations of individuals. These were the locations of modern, bold fashions.

A wonderful variety of breathtaking fashions thrived within these magnificent places of delightful freedom. In these locations of sparkling thrill, fashions truly rose to their fullest power. They freely shined with an unforgettable boldness and a rejection of constraining ideologies. The fierce styles that emerged from the magical entrances of these novel locations carried within them this wonderful quality of modern beauty, this ability to to take hold of the contemporary and to never let it go. The fashions dazzled with this energetic movement, this inherent and viewable vivacity that twirled and danced to the sounds of the new world.

And one of these locations of modernity and daring fashions was the speakeasy.

During the 1920s, the times of prohibition in the United States, the times of the rejection of Victorian moral constraints, the times of the wonderful evolutions in the arts, the times of new, freeing fashions, the times of bold, powerful flappers…the speakeasies in America rose to great appeal and shined in their rejection of societal codes and repressive, moral rules. These significant locations of the Jazz Age did not let unjust laws or past ideologies prevent their existence and prevent their successful glorification of the modern world. In thrilling speakeasies, the illegal liquor flowed without constraint. The freeing, rich sounds of jazz played with a contagious beat. The past worlds of limitation were long forgotten. The independent, modern flappers gathered together in fearless dance, in fearless personality, and in fearless fashions.




Fashions of the ’20s speakeasies and of the 1920s, in general, were fashions of independent strength and wonderful freedom. They were fashions that rejected the conservative, stationary corset styles before them. They were fashions of the flappers, fashions that roused liberating activity. In the speakeasy’s inviting air of modern warmth, flappers continued to do what they wish to do and wear what they wished to wear. They dazzled themselves in creations of loose-fitting, freeing glory, in fashions of sparkling, ornamented fearlessness. They dressed with fantastic confidence, without care about what others would say. In the speakeasy environment of welcomed wonderful variety and rejection of antiquated tradition, fashions of sparkling, embellished drop waist dresses and shining, colorful t-strap heels, fashions of lush fur coats and boldly jeweled headpieces, fashions of captivating silks and powerful velvets, fashions of unashamed individuality and of a hedonistic flavor spoke loudly and unforgettably, embracing modernity…




The modern location in history stimulated freedom, choice, and daring fashion.