The Twinkling Crystal Stars

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Shining sparkles twirling down from the mesmerizing sky, absorbing you in their angelic beauty…

Glistening twinkles gliding majestically in the air, creating a rich, magical wonderland wherever they appear…

Dazzling glimmers humming a wonderful tune, bringing contentment to those who listen to their memorable song…


The season of winter is approaching.

Here are some images of winter from fashionable cities around the world…

New York City










Enjoy winter with its beautiful wonders and meaningful memories…



The Marvelous Styles of Helsinki

The cosmopolitan capital of world design…

The cultural center of Finland’s modern and traditional ways…

The layered city of creativity and fierce vivacity…

The destination…Helsinki.

Helsinki is the largest city in Finland, containing infinite layers of wonderful history and modernity, the past world and the future moments of innovation. Helsinki is an artistic, cultural city bursting with natural, as well as metropolitan beauty. It is a city full of sensory parks of vibrant color and churches of historical grace and worship. It is a city full of museums and exhibitions revealing classical Finnish arts and contemporary, graphic works of substance. It is a city full of musical venues emitting breathtaking sounds. It is a city where art and cultural festivals thrive in the brightening sun during the warm months.

Helsinki is also a city of fashion, of creative design.

Helsinki is home to beautiful, mesmerizing fashions of the old and the new, of the vintage styles of years ago and the current, inspiring designs of Finland’s magical fashion grace. Helsinki fashions carry with them a truly stunning eclectic beauty. There is a sense of individuality within each piece of clothing, a breathtaking youthful energy that ignores the common and the same. Pieces of different colors, textures, and prints mix with one another and combine to form a united outfit of eccentricity and independence. The fashions and styles of Helsinki have a voice, a purpose. They have a power that is uplifting in there imaginative, thought-provoking capabilities. In Helsinki, there is a thrilling creativity and significant meaning to design and style.



Helsinki styles radiate in their sustainability and appreciation for the past. Newness and trendiness is not required, as unique, vintage pieces are worn readily and proudly on the streets. In Helsinki, secondhand styles mesmerize in their past and current glory, as interesting lives from years ago are revealed for everybody to see. From thrift shops to parent’s closets,  Helsinki styles come from different worlds and walks of life. Each piece worn has a story, a beauty, a significant presence that cannot be ignored. In Helsinki, the secondhand styles brighten up the streets in their eco-conscious grace and admiration for the world of years ago. The styles liven up the streets in their stimulating, cultural prints and dazzling array of colors. The styles carry with them the diverse emotions and powerful movements of the past world.



Helsinki styles prosper in their inventive energies and thrills, in their ambitious mixes and matches, in their multitude of powerful influences, in their moveable, textile comforts. The styles of Helsinki hold an undeniable spirit of brilliance and liberty. There is a choice within each piece of design. From minimalistic styles of sleekness to loudly printed styles of wild outrageousness, Helsinki styles relish in their endless universe of opportunity and personality. And with comfort as a defining importance, the styles have the ability to advance with exquisite activity.




Helsinki style is a style of chance, a style of opportunity.

Helsinki style is a style of uniqueness, a style of artistry.

Helsinki style is a style of freedom.

Photo Credits:

*A big thank you to Mari from Evadesigns for telling me about this wonderful, Helsinki world of style and design*

A Cultural Wonderland of Lively Style


A city of culture–A city where expressions run rampant and diversified traditional and modern beliefs arise. A city where celebrations and rituals flourish, bringing with them bold, unique cultural vibrancies and animated, electric activities and delights. A city where enthusiastic individualism prospers, where personal feelings and emotions are embraced and pursued.

A city of art–A city where new talents emerge from the busy, crowded streets, shining in their fresh, cutting-edge ways of thought, glistening in their adventurous works of substance and forwardness. A city where originality is praised and complexities, varieties, and in-depth meanings radiate. A city where communication blooms and understanding succeeds.



A city of fashion.

Tokyo fashions cover a wide array of innovative styles and various cultures. They contain unmistakable qualities of vibrancy and imagination, never commonplace and expected. There is personal choice within each piece of clothing, an avant-garde customization that makes each person unique and extremely confident. The fashions move with their own wishes, with designs progressing to the modern future, and also reminiscing about Japan’s rich, historical past. There is variability and distinction. There is unconventionality and inventiveness.

In Tokyo, there are many different styles and cultures of fashion. With many distinctive fashion tribes coming from fashion districts such as Harajuku and Shibuya, the streets of Tokyo are colored with unparalleled zest, modern and traditional flares of determination, and character. From fashions of light cuteness, with many frills and bows, to fashions of gothic darkness, with many crosses and Victorian references…from fashions of fairytale sparkle to fashions of rebellious, punk nature, it is clear that Tokyo is a city of fashion

And Vogue captured some of these Tokyo elements and themes wonderfully in a powerful, minimalistic photo spread for the March Vogue issue…

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 11.57.13 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 11.58.56 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 11.57.39 AM

With a mixture of modernity and traditionality…a pairing of stand-out fashions of deep shades and graphic prints with traditional Japanese kimonos and customs…

With glimpses of Tokyo’s cultural, flashy, and kaleidoscopic streets…scenes of vivid chaos and wild diversity…

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 11.57.58 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 11.58.32 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 11.57.30 AM

The fashions and mindsets of Tokyo come to life.

Credits: Vogue and

Photographer: Mario Testino/ Fashion Editor: Camilla Nickerson

The Streets of Fashion Week are Speaking Out!

On the runways, fashions are magnificent, gracious, poised, and daring. They are beautifying pieces that deserve precious attention and meticulous observation. Under watchful, steady gazes, breathtaking fashions appear in a circulated motion of mass importance and substance. One by one, aesthetic, individual pieces walk down the runway’s pounding floor, recognizing past histories, arts, talents, and futures.

But outside of the runway’s stunning atmosphere, is a completely different show…

A show in the streets.

On the streets, styles are bold, wild, simple, rare, retro, futuristic, and unique. They are admirable pieces that deserve loud recognition and worthy praise. Under flashing camera eyes and passerby’s gazes, fascinating, outspoken styles are seen in a random, uncoordinated swarm of mixed prints, wild proportions, unrivaled twists, and simplified graces. One by one, stylish bloggers, editors, models, and talents, walk down the street’s cement ground, realizing cultured diversities, spirited modernisms, and varied styles of random flare.

The street style at New York City’s Fashion Week Spring 2013 RTW, is effectively enlightened, alluringly accomplished, and charmingly cultivated. The street styles for fashion week give creative persons the daring ability and approach to dress up in wonderful, imaginative outfits, incorporating elements of summer, fall, and winter. From graphic sweatshirts to bright, sheer button downs…From intricately designed slacks, to loud rompers of sophistication and thrill…From encrusted, flowered jewels to bold, colored bags…The styles of the streets are remarkable!

And here are some of these wonderful street styles, captivated in photographs that are fashionably stimulating!

A picturesque image, an individual look.

A style worth noting, a street filled with pleasing aesthetics, zany attributes, and beautiful looks.

Photo Credits: Vogue and NyMag’s “The Cut”

Lights Shining in the Dark Sky, Waves Splashing in the Morning Sun

Hello everyone! These last few days have been absolutely incredible. I embarked on a journey to a country that is magnificent and worthy of praise. With my adventurous experiences, I discovered a city full of culture, life, and intellectuality. With my relaxing presence, I discovered a coast full of sun, color, and talent…

I discovered Paris and the French Riviera.

Paris is simply unforgettable. It is a city that relishes in its pure, raw history–it contains an indisputable antiquity in its stone architecture and grand design. It is a city that takes in artistic geniuses, literary wonderments, and inventive talents. It is a city that contains fashions of classic simplicity, hipster grunge, punk rock edge, and athletic sport. Through my enchanting experiences, whether they may be gazing at the artworks of Da Vinci, Manet, and Degas, scouring through the books of Fitzgerald and Hemingway, delving deep into the Latin Quarter’s many hidden alleyways, walking on the cobblestone paths, or sitting in a quiet cafe taking in the views that surround me, I realized how a city could contain so much more beneath the surface. It takes a deep look and a thoughtful mind to realize the secrets, mysteries, wonders, and beauties a city could contain. Paris has a universal, cosmic, harmonious grace that captures your attention wherever you turn.

The French Riviera was delightfully spectacular. With a clear blue sky and the endless Mediterranean in my view, I was in love. The days are filled and completed with sunny beach goers, magnificent photographers, and laughing bodies of joy. The colorful buildings and villas of peach, orange, light blue, and pink, shine in the light. Flowers bloom and take in their own unique form. The fashions praise the loud colors of summer. The nights are filled with tunes of jazz, reggae, classical, and dance. Skillful dancers twirl in the streets, magical piano players tap with fingers of grace, passionate voices sing with finesse. The Riviera is a place where people of all ages come together and rejoice in a carefree atmosphere.

These days in France were electrifyingly stunning, culturally enlightening, and truly eye-opening. Fantastic memories were made, as thrilling adventures and calming moments took up my enchanting, extraordinary days.

Couture in the Blush of Parisian Daylight

The appeal of haute couture is newly recognized and discovered. It is seen as something grand–noteworthy of observation and adoration. As explained in my post, The Elegantly Custom Stitch, couture is a world of fashion that I find compelling, daring, alluring, and absolutely charming. The delicacy and fragility of the pieces is magnificent. The detail and precision of the stitches is exquisite. From chiffon tulle dresses to beaded suits of design, couture comes in many forms. And it has certainly risen into the world of modernity and freshly explored ideas…

The haute couture of Fall 2012 was awe-inspiring. The texture, structure, and creative energy of the couture was dramatically stunning, thrillingly surreal, and attentively pure. The admirable couture pieces ranged from bold theatrics to modern, fresh spins. There was an unmistakable radiancy in every creation presented. No matter the designer or runway show location, the pieces were equally fascinating and eye-catching. From Givenchy’s medieval capes to Christian Dior’s pocketed sleek dresses; From Jean Paul Gaultier’s 1920s beaded dresses to Chanel’s “new vintage” embroidered tweeds–the splendid fashions were endless. The hand craft pieces were noticed with a piqued curiosity. The hand craft pieces were noticed with a bewitching charm.



Jean Paul Gaultier…


The creative energy ceased to stop flowing. It continued on an on in its enchanting stream.  It continued on an on and it transformed. The Parisian streets lit up with enticing fashions of worth, glamor, elegance, and grace. Unique street style looks were born…

Not only on the runways, but also on the streets…

Haute couture is a fascinating power of imagination, ingenuity, and inspiration. It brings to life an inventive universe of talent, ardor, and strength. And the street styles that come along with the brilliant shows are vivacious and graceful in their own matchless way.

Photo Credits: Vogue