An Energetic World of Spectacular Wonders

Inspiration in October…

The circus came to town once before

The circus comes to town once again…









Sparkling Masks Adorning Mysterious Faces

A masquerade ball is a place of delectable intrigue, energetic zest, and mysterious delight. It is a place of both classical elegance and sensual desire. A masquerade ball is a place of pleasurable escape. It is a place where new, extraordinary lives, ideas, and moments are formed. A masquerade ball is a place where you can be anyone you wish to be, whether it may be a pure angel or a sinful devil; a shy, timid figure or a wild, passionate presence. A masquerade ball is a place of delightful exploration–there are many hidden secrets, personas, and lusts waiting to be discovered. There are many seekers of pleasure, characters of dignity, and figures of boldness and power that are waiting to be found.


A masquerade ball is full of rich luxuries, taking in dresses of lush, heavy fabrics such as sumptuous, rosy brocade; taking in jewels of wealthy diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and bright pearls. A masquerade ball is full of whimsical serenities and dark, gravitating evils, absorbing both light and dark accents of detailed lace, plush feather and fur, transparent sheer, rich incrustation, splendid ruffle, and tantalizing silk. A masquerade ball is full of elaborate, magnificent masks, coverings of both shiny, loud kaleidoscopic hues and simple, neutral colorations; coverings of both metallic, beaded, rich textures and delicately laced, feathered, ethereal creations.



A masquerade ball absorbs unclear secrecy and clear risk…

A masquerade absorbs crystal determination and sovereign individuality…

The world of fashion is a masquerade ball.


Fashion is a masquerade ball in the sense that you could be anyone you wish to be. In fashion you could be the dark, passionate romantic; you could be the light, airy angel; you could be the earthy, natural figure; you could be the free-spirited bohemian; you could be the rugged, urban hipster; you could be the elegant, sophisticated classic; you could be the androgynous suited presence. In a masquerade, you could be any character you choose to be, any persona that piques your interest, captures your mind and desire. And in both fashion and a masquerade, you could be yourself–with fearlessness and strong passion, action and true ecstasy.

Fashion is a masquerade ball in the sense that your honest desires are revealed. Through fashion’s pathways and the masquerade’s dances, there is an exploration of self-identity. There is an exploration of feeling new feelings, capturing new thoughts, and identifying new aspects of your personal self. Through different choices and looks, through different movements and glances, a universe of pleasurable discovery and tantalizing intrigue appears. A universe of praise-worthy design and keen, talented insight prospers.



A masquerade ball encompasses the bravery, the joy, the mystification, the enchantment, the energy, the emotion, the lust, and the almighty quest of fashion. It encompasses the artistic creativity, the attractive proudness, the dazzling grandeur, and the adventurous excellence. It encompasses the ability to choose, the willingness to break away from the norm, the decision to branch away from commonality and mundane living. The masquerade’s beautifying thoughts and praiseworthy details mix and overlap with the wonderful feelings and divine imaginations of fashion.


As a masquerade ball comes to life, the world of fashion comes to life as well.

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Foolishness is Preferred!

On the busy city street, a sign indicates a theater of dazzling culture, outspoken diversity, seductive creativity, and unmistakable genius.

This significant theater is marked with expression, freedom, and imagination. An elaborate idea, inspired by the Folies Bergere of Paris, is set. A remarkably beautiful design, inspired by the talented minds of many, is absorbed. Energy, enthusiasm, and thrill caress the eager atmosphere, as breathtaking exhilaration and exaggeration laugh in delight. In a sudden, united movement, a group of young girls enter through the back curtain of the stage. These significant beauties and flapper queens relish in scandal and flirtatious behavior. They dance the Charleston until the early morning hours, drink illegal liquor when they wish, wear ravishing fashions of knee-bearing appeal, and tantalize men with joy and passion. They begin to tap their wild feet on the stage, wearing elaborate headdresses and irresistible costumes. They reveal their bodies and souls proudly. They delight with their desires, hopes, and dreams. They move their bodies freely and with no constraint. They look out into the world of the 1920s and smile in delight.

In this setting, the beauties of theater and flapper come together. The beauties of stage design and vivacity create a unique, jazzy universe. The beauties of design and immorality shine under the bright lights.

On the street, the sign for this theater reads, “Ziegfeld Follies,”…let the show begin!

The Ziegfeld Follies was a series of remarkable theatrical productions on Broadway in New York City from 1907 to 1931. These elaborate, high-end vaudeville shows were simply spectacular. They dared to seduce; they dared to shine; they dared to challenge; they dared to entertain. Started by the great Florenz Ziegfeld, Ziegfeld Follies went against moral constraints and Victorian conventionalities. No longer was timidity accepted and preferred–the mundane, unrevealing lifestyle of women disappeared. Instead, the 1920s culture of independence, diversity, and immodesty soared. And the Follies soared as well.

The Ziegfeld Follies encompassed the attractions of dance, song, and variety. With talents such as W.C. Fields, Josephine Baker, Fanny Brice, Louise Brooks, and the Dolly Sisters, the Ziegfeld Follies basked in their glorious world of proud defiance and provocative thrill. Comedy sketches, exaggerated dance numbers, mesmerizing tunes, and a swarm of beautiful chorus girls, known as the Ziegfeld girls…the Ziegfeld Follies was a lively, daring spectacle.

One of the key components of the Ziegfeld Follies was its gorgeous, promiscuous costume fashions. These costumes garnered much attention with their detailed artistry and suggestive edge. Designers, such as Erté and Lady Duff Gordon, created these magnificent artworks of sparkle and shimmer. These designers had a clever imagination, an eye for luxury, and an innovative outlook on the world. They designed based on newfound freedom, ready acceptance, and sensuous beauty. They designed based on an attractive, changing century of individual rights.

These intricate, luxurious, and impressive costumes radiated on the stage. They enraptured the minds and captured the eyes of many. They glittered in the theatrical quality of inviting warmth. They adored a glitzy feminine appeal of extravagance and attractiveness.

The 1920s elements of opulence and creativity were absorbed in the tempting designs showy sequins, inviting tassels, lush velvet, satin, and sheer textures, and ruffled, feathered accents. The costumes were loudly attractive and unforgettably bold. They were colorfully glamorous and culturally stimulating.  From ballet tutus to bird-like dresses, from dazzling international designs to strong regal fashions, from revealing bikini tops and short bottoms to Art Deco wearable art pieces, from Egyptian styles to Aztec prints, from extraordinary headpieces to dainty, wealthy pearls…the fashions of the Ziegfeld Follies had a witty charm, a passionate aura, and a stunning irresistibility.

The bright stage is gazed at by curious, excited audience members. The night is filled with happiness and adventure…

With the sounds of the brilliant Eddie Cantor playing, with the fashions of talented designers dancing to the beat, with the attitudes of the fascinating Ziegfeld Girls shining in bold power and enticing mystery, the Ziegfeld Follies comes to life!

Under the Fashionable “Big Top”

The wagons come to a stop, the horses are hitched on, the materials are unloaded ..

The stakes are driven, the poles are up, the canvases are unrolled and laced together ..

The horses begin to move forward, the men begin to pull, the canvas begins to rise ..

The enormous “Big Top” rises above the clouds.

The circus has come to town…

Picture yourself in an atmosphere of thrill and excitement. Picture yourself in a world of danger, talent, mystery, and color. Picture yourself at the circus. The sun is shining. The noise is booming. The laughter is singing in the air. The aura of the setting is breathtaking–an exotic place of movement, joy, and beauty. Entertainment reigns supreme. The ceremonies begin, the march tunes scream with vigor. Little kids run to the animals and the performers. People begin to run to a new, undiscovered world of brightness.

Under the big top, aerialists are swinging and flipping, as if they were floating in the air. Lions, tigers, and panthers are growling in strength and determination. Clowns are running around, driving in little toy cars, with make up caked on their faces. Wire walkers perform on dangerous high wires, tightly keen to perception. The ringmaster’s voice booms, full of energy and enthusiasm. The lights dim as the show begins.

Dating back to the early 20th C., circuses have attracted the young and the old, regardless of personal bias, culture, or judgement. They are enchanting and captivating. They rule in their entertaining glory. Circuses appeal to the senses. The eyes see a glittering spectacle. The nose smells popcorn and hot dogs. The ears hear amusement and glee. Circuses are creative in their outer and inner appearance. Circuses are, most importantly, creative in fashion.

Circus fashion and costume is fascinating. It has an indisputable allure and an adventurous quality. The costumes illuminate with zest. The costumes sparkle with charm and flavor. These costumes represent timeless cultures, ethnic wonderments . They reflect on freedom. They relish in their individual liberties and bewitching qualities. Circus fashions are undaunted by social constrictions. Circus fashions are neither timid nor shy. As the trapeze artists fly and the performers dance, elaborate costumes full of glitter, shine, and flare grace their bodies. Magical fashions of theatrical artistry overwhelm the spectacle. Leotards, corsets, headpieces, sequins, and stripes…this is the fashion of the circus. And this remarkable fashion has reappeared in a wonderful Resort Collection for 2013…

Marc Jacobs uses his talented design capabilities to create a exquisite circus inspired collection. This collection is fun, wild, and loud. There are wacky “rag doll” dresses, oversized proportions, prints of flowers, squares, and polka dots. Jacobs effectively transports the viewer back to the circus, back to the mystical world underneath the “Big Top.” The collection’s fashionable insanity and showy appeal, is full of culture, kaleidoscopic color, and picturesque genius.

Prints of clashing designs, pops of intense colors, and sequins galore, this collection remembers the circus and appreciates its playful charm.

With an existence of daring action, luminous fashion, and unforgettable expertise, the world renown intrigue of the circus is proudly seen and heard.

The Oscars of the East Coast

As Bruno Mars said before performing last night, “Hello Fashion!”

Who doesn’t love the Met ball?

Last night, the red carpet of the East Coast was ablaze with A-listers, designers, models, and the who’s who of the fashion world. The 2012 Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which celebrated the new exhibit “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations,” left a lasting impression! Hosted once every year, this event leaves an impact on the fashion world that is undeniable. From gowns to suits, from neutrals to brights–the fashion was not a disappointment! Bright reds and whites, metallic shine, transparent sheer, fringy texture–there were so many bold risks! Here are my favorite looks from the night…

Scaly, metallic shine–this dress was incredible! Carey Mulligan looked absolutely beautiful in this fish gill-like sequined Prada dress! This dress is both fierce and stunning. Shining gold and transforming into a silvery blue, this high neck Prada number was truly amazing! With a pinched in waist and rounding out at the knee, Mulligan looked incredible! Pairing it off with simple satin tan heels, this aquatic, sci-fi look was one of the best of the Gala!

Beyoncé, do you ever not look beautiful? Beyoncé looked exceptional last night on the red carpet! This sheer Givenchy Haute Couture gown by Riccardo Tisci was magnificent! With sparkling flowered black embroidery and a feathery black and purple train, this dress was astounding! This tasteful gown showed off Beyoncé’s post-baby body in a way that is unforgettable! Dramatic, bold, transparent, and artistic–this gown was definitely a winner!

Cabernet colored lips and a slinky Deco inspired Ralph Lauren dress–Camilla Belle looked phenomenal! This ivory tulle beaded dress was really stunning! Belle truly shined on the Met Gala’s red carpet this year! She looked classic and chic! Dark hair pinned up, face refined, and vintage Ralph Lauren jewels, Belle’s look was sultry and appealing!

The looks of this year’s Met ball were simply incredible! Fashion came out in full force as unique and marvelous gowns graced the red carpet! The Met Ball is an amazing event and I am sure the new exhibit is terrific!