Lunar, Geometric Splendor

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These two fashions from the Roksanda Resort 2016 collection are two fashions that I greatly admire. They are fashions that encompass a geometric modernity, bold colorations, and a subtle hint of a solar eclipse in the breathtaking, wondrous sky.

In these fashions, shapes and hues come together in an effortless way. The blocked colorations of black, off-white, white, pink, orange, and red create a contemporary design and structure that is simply marvelous. As you look at the dress with the a-line skirt (image left), you see rectangles, circular figures, and more, with defined, yet united edges–they are shapes that fit together as if puzzle pieces, they are shapes that collectively link. As you look at the dress with a form-fitting three-tiered skirt (image right), you see wraparound pinks, off-whites, and oranges creating a fantastic, vivid linkage of artistry–the smooth fabrics connect seamlessly.

There is this celestial atmospheric beauty to these fashions, circular orbs of moon-like appearance that bespeak to the extraordinary eclipses of the sky. In both fashions, a circle, a transformative moon, appears in all its enchanting glory. In the dress on the right, the eclipse boldly shows amid a backdrop of dark and light hues–the moon blocks the glowing solar light and materializes into a pitch black circle. The thin white borders surrounding the orb become the hints of the sun peaking around the moon, radiating in the Earth. In the dress on the left, it is as if the eclipse begins to disintegrate in a fascinating, otherworldly, magical way. The sphere embodies a mixture of black, gray, and white colorations that stretch and elongate, undergoing a mystical change–a change that leads to something unknown, a change that shows how vast and remarkable our universe truly is.

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Memorable Artistry

Although the weather might have been gloomy, the fashions at this year’s Oscars were simply magnificent. With mesmerizing, dazzling encrustations, lace detailings, and more, the designs expressed such remarkable, unforgettable artistry.

Here are my top three looks of the night…

Rosamund Pike

Rosamund-Pike--aRosamund Pike looked incredible in this stunning red Givenchy gown at Sunday’s ceremony. This form-fitting design, with its richly hued coloration, textured floral appliqués, upper scalloped repetitions, cinched in corseted waist, deep v-cut on the bottom, and satin accents, evoked such beauty and craftsmanship in design.

Cate Blanchett


Cate Blanchett is always radiant on the red carpet and this year’s Oscars was no exception. Wearing a striking black velvet Maison Margiela gown, Blanchett looked absolutely breathtaking. And she exuded only more beauty and boldness with the stunning turquoise statement necklace she wore. Complementing the dark hued fashion wonderfully, the dazzling turquoise jewels emanated a quality of magical brilliance.

Emma Stone


In a glistening chartreuse Elie Saab gown, Emma Stone looked beautiful on the red carpet. This long-sleeved, sparkling creation exuded such finesse in design with its ornate beading and sheer detailing, patterned in such a way as to evoke the elements of the exotic world of nature. With Stone’s vivid red hair, the look was perfection.

I cannot wait for next year’s ceremony!

A Joyous, Romantic Disappearance of the Cold

With the crystal snow blowing down from the cloudy winter sky…

With the chilly winds dropping the temperatures on the busy New York City streets…

New York Fashion Week continued on with a power and force that is undeniable.

For this Fall 2014 fashion week season, NYC was able to look past the frigid, bad weather and move forward, producing collections that were memorable in their design, structure, and individuality. On the runway, the weather forecasts were long forgotten, as warm energy rushed around in the atmosphere of fashion, creating an aura of strength and beauty. The collections this season are truly stunning in their wide array of unique elements, in their abilities to minimize and maximize, to look to the past, as well as look toward the future. Whether it is Diane Von Furstenberg’s bright, exciting collection of retro and modern flowers and golden dresses or Vera Wang’s dark, romantic collection of natural and stunning designs, the fashions of this Fall 2014 New York Fashion Week season are simply beautiful.

Diane Von Furstenberg

In this collection, Furstenberg beautifully combines what is retro and modern to form fashions that are brightly joyful and full of charming, wild fun. The fashions have within them this inherent zestful energy, this wonderful presence of excitement and thrill. Each fashion that walked down the runway holds within it this loudness, this ability to transfix the viewer on their retro prints and modern twists. With a focus on floral elements, a unique array of colorful, printed flowers were presented along with the other brilliant geometric lines and shapes. Besides these fantastic, cheery fashions, there were also a breathtaking collection of energetic, gold dresses presented. These golden dresses hold within them that same charming fun with touches of redefined regality, as well.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 11.37.58 AM


Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 11.39.10 AM

With wrap dresses and shirts of fun, bold prints, airy blouses, creative sweaters, short and long printed outerwear coats, knee-length and longer skirts, fearless colored pants, joyous dresses and short golden gowns with shimmering, scalloped edges and v-cuts of lace and brocade details…with satin, fur, velvet, and sheer…with geometric, flowered, and star prints, with colors of black, gray, gold, red, purple, blue, yellow, maroon, pink, orange, and gold…All the fashions glistened in a magnificent way and gave off this feeling of thrill that was spectacular.

Vera Wang

With a transfixing, mysterious darkness that traveled within each fashion on the runway, with untamed elegance, sensual mystery, and natural sentiment and beauty, Vera Wang’s Fall 2014 collection is mesmerizing in its breathtaking midnight hued romanticism. The designs carry within them this magical, naturalistic quality. There is this closeness to the untamed environment, to this raw expression and vitality. The designs carry within them this wide array of deep, obscure emotions. Within the fashions, an unmistakable passion is heightened, a captivating eeriness is strengthened. There is something hidden within the fashion, some fascinating secret, some impenetrable, dark vision.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 11.47.40 AM


Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 11.46.30 AM

With a dark color palette of gray, black, moss-green, navy blue, and dark brown, this collection of black outerwear coats, of plaid suits, dresses, skirts, pants, sweaters, and button downs, of shadowy leather shirts, skirts, pants, jackets, and gloves, of water colored, flowered sheer gowns and long skirts, of naturalistically embellished knee-length skirts and tops, of shimmering dresses, of glistening, matching black blazers, of dark stunning gowns of breathtaking elegance with sheer and lace details, of brooches of nature’s creations, and of fur vests and scarfs, these fashions of Wang’s Fall 2014 collection were spectacular.

The chilly New York City air marvelously disappeared this Fall 2014 New York Fashion Week season.

Photo Credits: Vogue

A World of Many Definitions

Today’s world of couture is a world full of many definitions. Contemporary couture does not have a set look, a set, mundane appearance. In fashion’s modern environment, couture does not have a set of unbreakable restrictions, a set of guidelines or rules that prohibit creativity and modernity to rise to the surface, basking on the runway’s glow. Nothing is holding designers back. Nothing is stopping uniqueness from reaching its fullest potential. With newness and change, fashion has taken couture and redefined it in many different ways, created its many bold forms. Rather than concrete, couture is something airy and free, something that has the ability to alter and transform into something magical.

With the beautiful Spring 2014 couture collections appearing on the runways, this modern world of couture is shown. There is an inventiveness, a wonderful imaginative quality that allows it to shine. Whether it is Valentino’s nature infused designs of animals, plants, and creation or Maison Martin Margiela’s wonderful collection of printed, ornamented mixtures, both collections show the modern world of haute couture, with all of its vivacity and beauty.


A wonderland of creation, of the rise of nature’s elements, of animals developing, of plants growing and flower blooming, of life taking form, Valentino’s Spring 2014 couture collection is absolutely magnificent in its ability to capture the wonders of nature and the beauties that it holds within its infinite paths. There is something so marvelous about these designs, something so breathtaking about their thematic elements on origination and natural development. It seems as if each fashion took a part of the outdoors and emphasized it in a way that was unforgettable. The viewer can not help but be drawn to both the intricate and simple pieces of the collection, seeing the wonders of nature blossom boldly and majestically.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 4.06.28 PM


Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 4.06.49 PM

With accents of sheer, regal lace, and bold feathers…with designs and prints of plants, butterflies, lions, tigers, and cheetahs…with glitter, beading, and floral encrustations… with breathtaking gowns, oversized coats, daring capes, and skirts…with earthy and rich hues of moss-green, dark and light brown, off white, black, gold, gray, and red…the couture fashions in this collection of nature are exquisite.

Maison Martin Margiela

Unique, delightful wildness, uncontrollable spontaneity and thrill, Maison Martin Margiela’s Spring 2014 couture collection is incredible! Each piece in this collection is innovative, each piece carries something bold and fresh within it. In each fashion on the runway, commonness is pushed aside. Repetition is nonexistent. Margiela created a collection that houses within it a lively, individualistic mixture of colors, prints, materials, and designs. The pieces are extraordinary in their artistry and loud expression. Choice and freedom is powerfully embraced as a wonderfully chaotic voice of variety speaks for all to hear. In this collection, the modernity of couture rises to the surface.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 4.47.09 PM


Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 4.45.59 PM

With prints of antique brocade, florals, stars, tattoo designs, and retro and geometric patterns…with accents of glitter, sheer, and foil-like wrapping material…with a variety of embellishments, glitter, and shine…with colorful striped pants, t-shirts, skirts, modern dresses, printed pants and matching jackets, short mod dresses, oversized coats, fearless trenches, printed kimonos, arm-wear of decorative eyes…with kaleidoscopic hues…the couture fashions in this collection of excitement are dazzling.

Today’s world of couture is certainly a world full of many definitions.

Photo Credits: Vogue

Effortlessness in a Relaxing Atmosphere

Appearing before your very eyes is a woman–a woman who emits a radiating, pure spirit of happiness…a woman who emits a calming tune of ease. She stands with an aura of confidence, a magical uncomplicated allure. Her composure is delightfully relaxed and languidly carefree. There are no worries and constraints–there is just an unmistakable fluency in attitude, design, and life. And then, with a beautiful, soft charm, the outfit she is wearing begins to sparkle with a brightening, untroublesome grace. Her loose attire soothingly flows down her frame, as a calming energy captures the mind and soul. The designs emanate a wonderful easiness, an inexistent difficulty…a stream of cool, fresh water gliding confidently towards a destination at an unhurried pace. The woman then begins to turn around and walk away, illuminating her surroundings as she freely progresses.

Her look is effortless.

A big trend for New York Fashion Week, Spring 2014 RTW is this effortlessness in design and structure. Collections are showing blouses, skirts, pants, dresses, and more, that contain and nurture these characteristics of simplistic ease. Comfort is being emphasized. Relaxation is being cherished. And both Joseph Altuzarra, of the brand Altuzarra, and Jason Wu show and highlight these features magnificently.


Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 3.02.21 PM


Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 3.04.01 PM

Joseph Altuzarra’s Spring 2014 RTW collection gives off the vibrations of looseness and easiness perfectly–constriction does not exist in this elegantly freeing environment. The looks that proudly revealed themselves on the runway were looks of splendid contentment and joyous flexibility. A calmness soared from creation to creation. The separate pieces in this wide array of menswear-inspired shirts, slit mid-calf length skirts, cropped jackets, ponchos, and metallic colored gowns…The separate materials in this wide array of fringed leathers, Japanese boro patchworks, and striped silks,… joined together to create a look of pure, pleasurable release.

Jason Wu…

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 3.55.35 PM


Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 3.56.14 PM

As Jason Wu himself described, his collection is “a dialogue between construction and ease.” It is a collection that is not concentrated on powerful structure and defined tailoring; rather, it is a collection that highlights the beauties of relaxed construction and simple design. Within each design, there is this bewitching delicacy, this beautiful quality of modern feminine grace. With loose-fitting slip dresses, languorous light and dark pants, skirts of sheer and beading, and more, Jason Wu’s creations rise to a smooth significance.

Effortlessness is sprouting its wings and coming to life.

Photo Credits: Vogue

Around the World…

Leaving the daily and exploring the extraordinary…

Discovering unique cultures and expanding personal awareness…

Allowing curiosities to flourish and creating fresh, open minds…

Travel…something of much importance.


As you travel to different places, new worlds awaken from their slumber. These new worlds hold in their grasp distinctive characteristics that allow enlightened development, as well as diversified glory. These new worlds allow you to examine and study remarkable histories, with years of torment and despair, as well as years of brightness and contentment. These new worlds give you the sparkling key to creativity with inspirations, as well as dreams thriving in the breathtaking landscapes of artistic variety. Opportunities arise for you in these new worlds, opportunities to experience life in cultured wonderlands, to learn different ways of life, to develop a clearer image of who you truly are. Traveling is a road to self-discovery, a road to understanding, a road to imagination.

In her first resort collection, Mary Katrantzou developed these ideas wonderfully, exploring the world that surrounds us with each design.


Mary Katrantzou’s resort collection is a magnificent mixture of vivid, digital prints that reveal images from Katrantzou’s own travels throughout Asia, Europe, and South America. Scenes of apartments in São Paulo, vineyards in Italy, fields of flowers in France, bridges in Japan, lagoons in China, and more, are shown throughout this graphic collection.The visionary prints have a memorable, storytelling quality that give the viewer the chance to delve into fresh, unparalleled scenes of life, to experience the beauties of magical locations from around the world. The exploratory wonders of travel appear in each visual–the vast world of diversity appears. When looking at each incredible image, characteristics of differing lands emerge…the imaginings, inspirations, curiosities, and discoveries of travel arise from within.



In this collection of travel, nature is shown exquisitely with a surreal quality, with a technological modernity, a digital design–overlapping images of roses blooming on trellises, trees highlighted by airy blue and pink skies, flower fields of lush purple and red blossoming and surrounding majestic mountain ranges, clear lakes and crystal blue bodies of water reflecting and highlighting the dreamlike outdoor surroundings, yellow meadows dazzling in their boldness. Timeless stone bridges and modern apartment complexes also radiate. With embellishments of sequins and sheer…with exaggerated hues on an expressive palette, the structured, as well as flowing designs of circle skirts, capes, biker jackets, silk dresses, peplum accents, and more, shine.



These landscapes are depicted with an undeniable intensity, with an artist’s mind and eye…


The power of travel truly thrives.

Photo Credits: Mary Katrantzou

Exploration in the Deep, Mystical Blue

The ocean…

An expanse of majestic blue swirling gracefully with meaningful ideas and emotions…the fluidity of the waves carrying ideas of diversified value and deep feelings of hope, peace, joy, mystery, and excitement.

An expanse of majestic blue housing inspiration and thought, brightening to originality and power…the eternal breadth of its secrecy allowing imaginations and anticipations to awaken from their slumber, giving them the courage to rise to fruition.

The ocean…

An exploratory wonderland full of diversity and vivacity.


The ocean sparkles in its variety–the body of water relishes in its distinctiveness, its divergence from the common and the repetitive. In the ocean, the ordinary does not exist. Rather, the depth gives rise to extraordinary, the magnificent qualities of infinite range, a medley of sizes, shapes, colors, textures, patterns, plants, and creatures. The ocean produces a world full of unlimited luminosity and mixture…with the magical hues and endless shades, the breathtaking glows and intense designs, the enriched blooms and exquisite tones. It is an intricate miscellany of vibrant corals and sponges, of crustaceans and oysters, of starfish and stingrays.

And Marco Zanini, the designer for Rochas, uses the shore and the ocean as his inspiration for the Rochas Resort 2014 collection.


Zanini uses the theme of the sea tremendously in this resort collection. Not only literally incorporating the creatures from the ocean on the intricately detailed pieces of design, Zanini also absorbs the ocean’s endless diversity when creating this fantastic assortment of fashion. Each piece of this mirthful collection holds an undeniable uniqueness, a variance in texture, cut, color, silhouette, and overall design. Each piece is crafted with a quirky, uplifting eccentricity, coming together to form an eclectic blend of subtleties and extravagancies. Like the beautiful expanse of majestic blue, the Rochas Resort 2014 collection, with lightheartedness and gaiety, delights with innovative varieties and stunning, aquatic distinctions.




With prints of oysters, crabs, stingrays, and starfish on tops, bags, jackets, pants, shorts and dresses…With colors of pronounced and faded purple, milky brown, pure white, rusty red, royal, aqua, navy, and pale blue, light pink, mint and lime green, gold, and orange…With vinyl coats and platform clogs…With collared, button down short and long sleeve shirts and polo shirts…With bermuda and higher cut shorts and flared, a line, as well as pleated skirts…With sailor pants and wide leg trousers…With striped pajama silhouettes and chimerical day dresses and gowns…



Each design goes through a metamorphosis, becoming an entirely novel creation that leaves a lasting impression.

Each design resonates within the deep, mystical blue ocean.

Photo Credits: Rochas