The Creation of a Masterpiece

Backstage at the runway…

A scene of pure exhilaration and delight–there is a flurry of frantic movements and delightful grins. A scene of creative thought and careful precision–there is a motion of quick, dexterous hands and mindful, aesthetic alterations. A scene of blissful chaos–there are hair stylists creating wonders in a matter of seconds; there are make-up artists taking a blank canvas and painting a wonderful, detailed design; there are stylists and dressers making sure that the pieces fit perfectly, that the pieces look and feel luxurious and magical; there are models being transformed into the dreams and wishes of the designer, smiling and giggling in the hectic atmosphere. And there is the designer, him or herself, the maker of the image of true beauty, the creator of the beautiful works full of substance and depth. In this scene of wildness and thrill, intriguing mysteries are kept confined. Hidden secrets are eagerly waiting to be exposed. Designs of undeniable creativity and thoughtful detail are waiting to glisten on the runway, for all the world to see.


Fashion Week Spring 2013 was filled with wonderful surprises, tantalizing indulgences, mindful references, wild thrills, and classic simplicities. The designs embraced the concepts of modern individuality, freedom, and acceptance. The designs embraced theatrical impressions, futuristic complexities, passionate emotions, romantic feelings, wearable simplicities, natural wonders, and the beauties of variety. And the models who wore these designs were just as stunning. Whether it were Alexander McQueen’s beekeepers, with their netted headpieces and perfectly fitted corsets; whether it were Dries Van Noten’s urban bohemians, with their stark white sunglasses and lush, pink lipstick; whether it were Valentino’s subtle seductresses, with their hair tied in elegant buns, the models conveyed both the meanings, accents, and sensations of the designs perfectly. And this was because of the time and energy that was developed and devoted backstage…




There is a common purpose among all of the talents that work, excel, and ultimately, succeed backstage. And that purpose is to create a masterpiece. Hidden from the curious eyes of the audience, backstage is where the true desires of the designer appear, where the essence of the piece is first shown, where magnificent design is further developed, becoming something truly memorable, something truly worthy of attentive thought and praise. Because of the tireless efforts backstage, the transcendent importance of the messages of the alluring designs are revealed. New, beautiful meanings are able to be exposed for all to see.


Backstage, the designs have been given a life of proud determination and worthy glorification. Models are giving the exquisite pieces loud, bold voices and unforgettable, stunning stances. Amongst the thrilling gaieties and powerful visions, creativities awaken, details glisten, and designs soar. Backstage is where the powers of fashion, art, detail, precision, and movement come together. Backstage is where the talents of design, make-up, hair, style, and alteration unite. And…


Backstage is where fashion comes to life.

Photo Credits: Vogue 


The Nonconformist

Living a life without permanent ties. Living a life of unconventionality.

Living a life full of artistic pursuits. Living a life full of wandering bliss.

Living a life outside of the mainstream. Living a life inside a creative revolution.

Living a life full of expression, mixture, taste, adventure, spirit, and imagination.

Living a life full of thoughtful literature, breathtaking art, and dazzling music.

Living the life of a Bohemian.

The Bohemian cultural movement of change began in late 19th Century France. Poets, artists, thinkers, wonderers, and writers no longer wished to live under the conventional bourgeois of France. They wanted a change. They wanted something different. They wanted to live a life of expression, love, deep understanding, and compassion. They wanted to live a life full of free, undetermined thoughts–they wished to speak their own minds, speak all of their artistic remembrances, strong-willed opinions, unconventional stances, thoughtful creations, and optimistic, as well as depressed truths. No longer would the French middle class stand in their way. No longer would radical banishments, close-minded attitudes, affect who they were as human beings. With their strong attitudes, the movement had begun.

This historical movement has transformed itself throughout the years through the outlets of literature, art, music, and philosophy. It has given people the chance to explore themselves, without fear of judgment or constraint. People, as a result, have taken in the remarkable beauties of the natural world and the talents that exist within it. They have realized that there is not just a single street everybody travels on. There are alternatives, branches of differentiating thought and exploration…

There is one more outlet that this Bohemian mind and spirit delves into very energetically and powerfully. It has entered with imaginative thought, expressionist belief, and loving originality. It has altered this outlet in many unique ways, creating more openness, more free-will, more individual thought, more daring possibilities, more artistic attitude. And this outlet it has entered is fashion.

With these concepts in mind, the Bohemian counter-culture movement has made its presence known in fashion designs and thoughts. It has given fashion a whole new look, one that is a mixture of fabrics, prints, textures, and colors; one that is a mixture of looseness and tightness; one that is a mixture of newly discovered senses, ingenuities, ideas, and imaginations. Fashion has transformed into something that is inventive and unrestricted. It has turned into something that is open for differing interpretations and feelings. The Bohemian fashions reject pieces that do not speak to the artist and do not relate to what the artist is inspiring to do. The pieces are revolutionary….And all of this is proven in Dries Van Noten’s Spring 2013 collection.

For this spring, the Belgian designer Dries Van Noten has created a collection that speaks to these Bohemian values and ways of thought. The fashions go by their own set of rules, wandering into realms of thought that were at first unimaginable. The pieces radiate in their brightening pleasure of life. Stability does not exist. Rather, a disorderly style and design charms. The sensitive pieces relish in mismatched beauty and elegance–they give off a light, fresh quality that is compelling, worthy of attention, and full of such depth, such meaning. They come from Dries Van Noten’s mind and no one else’s.

The fashions in Dries Van Noten’s Spring 2013 collection are breathtaking in their carefree allure, conflicting simplicity, and stimulating genius. There is a personality to the collection, a daring stance to be different and to stray from submission. There is a randomness to the collection, a bold choice to not match and to not be neat. From plaids and checkers to florals and blossoms; from revealing, loose sheers to structured coverings; from powerful trousers to romantic, flowy skirts; from carefree street wear to unconventional night wear; from seductive, delicate kimonos to powerful, heavy blazers…Van Noten’s collection speaks volumes to whoever looks at it. It is its exquisite, admirable, forward way of thinking that makes the collection so significant for spring.

The 19th Century Bohemians are coming back to life for this spring, bringing with them the  undeniable importance of independence and freedom.

Photo Credits: Pinterest and Vogue