A Garden of Minimalistic Delights

Flowers of modernist beauty…

Shrubs of loud graphic print…

Stems of structured elegance…

The photo shoot is named Hothouse Flowers…

Grace Coddington, as I wrote a couple of months ago in a post entitled, Uniquely Finesse, Coddington’s Dream, is a remarkable talent, an enchanting romantic, a creative soul, a wonderful dreamer, and a fierce creative director. She is a woman who has the power and determination to emphasize, to emphasize the true powers of fashion, thought, art, photography, and meaning. She is a woman who has the dazzling ability to create a new world, a new world full of dramatic styles, fluid movements, and thoughtful imaginations. Grace Coddington sees fashion as something truly magical. She sees it as a universe of mystical delicacies where present and past, simple and complex unite; a world of manifestations, where cultured intellect, diverse achievement, and creative mind are empowered. Coddington is a strong influence in the fashion industry. Her wonderful messages are always heard, connecting passionately with the viewer. Her wonderful magic is felt in whatever she creates, holding a magnificent depth and capturing a dreamy spell. And this magic is felt so wonderfully in the January issue of Vogue, in a photo shoot that is both rhythmically and enchantingly inviting.

And it is edited by Grace Coddington…


In a garden of minimalistic delights, personal mysteries and heated intrigues; in a garden of revealed truths and modern ways of dress, thought and desire; in a garden of felt powers and unafraid stances of confidence and secrecy, there are unmistakable eerie qualities, alluring revelations of botanical beauties and modern fashions. There are seemingly painted flowers, with fine-detailed colors accentuated with distinction, colors of a mesmerizing beauty, a third dimension. In this garden, courageousness comes to life, as the flowers bloom and the secrets thrive. In this garden, fashions breathe with feeling, thought, freedom, and life, as the silks shine and the furs plush. In this garden, Coddington creates a new, unforgettable world where fashion soars and takes the reigns. The fashions tell the story.



With Spring’s beliefs of modernism and minimalism at hand, Coddington styles outfits of creative simplicity, architectural structure, and futuristic pleasure. She styles fashions of bold, pop-art flavor, retro stripe and circle, modern elegancy, seductive cut-out, silk, and sheer, and abstract, techno randomness.



Showing the wonderful creations of designers such as Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Prada, Burberry Prorsum, Givenchy, Rochas, and Marni, Coddington shows the world the modern, 21st woman, the woman of intense growth and determination, the woman of innovative belief and praise, the woman of both classic elegance and lively wildness and thrill. Coddington reveals the woman of productivity, the woman who takes risks and dares to be loud. Coddington depicts the woman in the garden who takes her own path, willing to overcome obstacles and make proud statements.

Whether it is through a fitted, flowered detailed gown, a two-toned fur stole, a striped redefined suit, a silk, bustier gown, or a crazy, illusionistic trench, the fashions of Grace Coddington’s garden signify a grand movement in fashion…


A movement to more bold decision and to more wearable unpredictability.

Photo Credits: Vogue


The Editor of Change and Unconventionality

“Why don’t you…tie black tulle bows on your wrists?

“Why don’t you…cover a big cork bulletin board in bright pink felt, banded with bamboo, and pin with colored thumb-tacks all of your various enthusiasms as you life varies from week to week?”

“Why don’t you…own, as does one extremely smart woman, twelve diamond roses of all sizes?”

-Diana Vreeland


Diana Vreeland was a remarkably talented and fearlessly unconventional fashion columnist and editor in the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. She was an unforgettable pioneer, a creator of new, daring concepts on the beauties and originalities of fashion and culture. She was a spirited woman with a sophisticated, witty personality that could not be confined. She was a traveler, a person with a fearless imagination who, both physically and mentally, saw and experienced new, uncharted worlds. She was a beautiful, dynamic dreamer in that she wanted people to break away from the mundane, the sameness of everyday life. She was a free-spirit, writing what she wished to write, doing what she wished to do. She was a heroine of individuality, having a strong, passionate desire for the unique, individual woman.

Diana Vreeland embraced both the minor changes and large revolutions of fashion. She recognized every aspect of the fashion world, including all of its mysteries, complexities, simplicities, and imaginings.


First making herself known in the industry in the year 1937, Diana Vreeland’s awe-consuming, beautifying presence has been known, seen, and experienced in the fashion industry for many years. Beginning her career as a columnist at Harper’s Bazaar, Vreeland created a column full of willingness, a willingness to discover new details about yourself and your inner desires; a column full of outrageousness, filled with unrealistic, beautiful dreams that were stunningly unordinary. This column was entitled “Why Don’t You?”
However, this was not where the true Vreeland emerged. This is not where the true Vreeland staked her claim in the industry. Diana Vreeland signified her worldly, experienced thoughts and radical, lavish fashions at Vogue, as editor-in-chief. This is where her pure innovative mind was revealed.
Screen shot 2012-12-31 at 2.15.24 PM
Vreeland redefined the standard of beauty. Vreeland reinvented the fashion editor. Vreeland transformed Vogue into a magazine of both hardship and pleasure, real-life and fantasy. She helped to create a magazine that focused on demolishing commonalities and embracing changing topics in an ever-changing world. Vreeland was and still is the true definition of a fashion editor. Whether it was originating trends, creating new, influential ideas, or experiencing the world, Vreeland gave the editor a viewpoint, a say and attitude in what is important and admirable in the fashion universe. Vreeland gave the editor an imagination, a want to exaggerate and emphasize beautiful pieces of clothing, beautiful places of the world, beautiful moments in history, art, and culture, beautiful persons of much thought and substance.
Diana Vreeland, most significantly, embraced the powers and gifts of change. She relished in the excellencies of forwardness and the unknown wonders of the revolutionizing future.  Embracing the 60s culture of individualism, modernism, and youth, she cherished the powers of uniqueness and the desires to change constrictive thoughts of past social tradition and conventional fashions of unrevealing dreariness. Vreeland, during her time in the fashion industry, created new, sensational concepts of sparkling free-thought and lively wildness.
Diana Vreeland…the pioneer of alternative thoughts, styles, and fashions.
         An icon of fashion…
                  A proponent of change…
                             A woman of legendary, global status…
Diana Vreeland…the explorer, the discoverer, and the editor of the fashion world.