Fashion is Seen…Fashion is Heard

There is always a thrilling feeling when award season begins once again. There is this unmistakable excitement, this anticipation to see the latest runway looks and custom-made creations glisten in their beauty and brilliance as they move on the powerful red carpet in an environment of wonderful talent. Something magical happens when award show gowns boldly reveal themselves for the world to see. Their glittery ornamentations sparkle in the sun’s rays. Their sleek cuts boldly move in their daringness and unwillingness to settle and conform. On the red carpet, designers are able to show their incredible talents–the creative minds of fashion can create memorable moments and have their voices be heard. On the red carpet, designs are able to fully thrive and prosper–fashion has the opportunity to show how powerful and meaningful it really is. And last night, this is exactly what designers and fashion did.

Yesterday’s Golden Globes revealed a wide array of stunning designs that were powerfully mesmerizing in their details, structures, and proud, unique qualities. Whether it was deep, revealing cuts or modernistic capes, shimmering gowns of infinite encrustations or simple, solid gowns of much substance and beauty, fashion made plenty of statements and marks on the meaningful red carpet. Although there were many looks I loved and admired during the Golden Globes yesterday, there were three that stood out to me more than the rest. Here are my favorite three looks below…


Margot Robbie looked effortlessly chic in this sleek, inviting off-white Gucci gown. With a simple smoothness and powerful fluidity to the design, Robbie undeniably radiated and flowed on the red carpet with each step she took. The deep, perfectly cut neckline and high slit in the front only heightened the gown’s and Robbie’s strikingness and style. The breathtaking crystallized accents and emerald gems that lined the upper half of the gown only heightened the look’s overall power and shine. With matching emerald hued heels and bright, dazzling earrings, the beauty of the gown only rose greater. Margot Robbie was beautiful and dauntless.

Elisabeth MossAn edgy, dark look of dazzlements and intricacies…A glistening, glossy gown of geometric, Art-Deco beading and black and burgundy hues…Elisabeth Moss was marvelously fierce in this breathtaking J. Mendel gown. Looking towards the past, while also looking towards the present and future, this dress was breathtaking in its ability to take elements of modernity from the changing, jazzy times ago and pair them with elements of modernity in the world today and in the approaching years. With her short, fearless haircut, loud lipstick, and sharp golden jewels, Moss exuded a secure confidence in this wonderfully detailed, fitted creation.


Cate Blanchett was absolutely stunning in this black lace Armani Privé gown. There was something so magnificently unique about this intricate design, something so daring, something so wonderful about its memorable artistry. The dress was of a dark romantic nature–with its mystic, seemingly antique lace details, with its heightened, finely netted floral neckline, with its sheer cap sleeves, and with its alluring atmosphere of intrigue. The low, fearless open back of the striking gown only added to the vigor and captivating exquisiteness of this look. Cate Blanchett’s talent and beauty shined for all to see.

The fashions that graced the red carpet during the Golden Globes yesterday were simply remarkable.

Until the next award show red carpet…


A Golden Red Carpet

Starting off the award season in the chilly Californian air, The Golden Globes was a night filled with heart-warming inspiration and tantalizing radiancy. It was a night of joyous laughter, meaningful tears, and wonderful gratification. It was a night where everybody came to be themselves, relaxing in an atmosphere of pure pleasure and welcoming community. The Golden Globes intertwined the television and the movie screen, the t.v. show with the aesthetic film. And it was also a night where fashion came to life on the red carpet.

Exhibiting the raw qualities of seductive allure, edgy rock, encrusted power, angelic grace, colorful brightness, and simplistic pleasure, the fashions on the Golden Globes red carpet gravitated the eyes and the mind. The fashions created an undeniable confidence, an unforgettable presence of golden strength. With both riskiness and calmness, daringness and easiness, the designs that graced the red carpet were wonderfully combined into a mixture of pure paradise. Whether it was Nicole Kidman’s sheer, seductive bodice, or Katharine McPhee’s plunging neckline; whether it was Amanda Seyfried’s vintage, innocent detailing, or Anne Hathaway’s white, timeless sparkles, the fashions on the Golden Globes red carpet were magnificent. However, there are some looks that I loved more than the others. My favorites from the magical night…

Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 5.53.54 PM

Jennifer Lawrence looked absolutely incredible on the red carpet this past Sunday. In her classic, strapless, red Christian Dior Haute Couture gown, Lawrence, with the help of the great Raf Simons, paid homage to the 1940s, going back in time to the proud, Dior full skirts and tight, nipped-in waists. This retro feel gave the look, as a whole, even more power and substance. With an encircling shiny belt and an indulging, structured bodice, Lawrence glistened in both her bright, carefree personality and glamorous, elegant appeal.

Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 5.56.56 PM

Straying away from the typical designers that emerge on the red carpet during award season, Michelle Dockery wore a rich, creamy white and gold dress, created by the upcoming designer Alexandre Vauthier. This brilliant gown, with the perfect, polished silhouette, gave off a feeling of regality, absorbing royal accents of golden hue and bright, seemingly metallic shine. The floridity of the gilded details was exquisite. And the high neckline and dramatic shoulder pads only added to the simple, shimmering beauty that radiates off of the luxurious gown and off of Dockery herself.

Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 5.57.30 PM

This long-sleeved, black Alexander McQueen gown was the perfect combination of bewitching enchantment and legendary elegance. Kate Hudson dazzled on the red carpet, bringing with her an air of sensual determination and compelling thought. This dress is remarkable, not only because of its sleek frame and shape, but because of its keyhole detailed cut-out and sparkling gold encrustation. These gold, beaded accents on the neckline and on the belt of the dress made the McQueen creation even more striking. The dress encompasses a wonderful, imperial artistry that is expressive and full of much value. On the red carpet, Kate Hudson looked full of artistic and powerful riches.

The red carpet truly shined this past Sunday, absorbing designs that glittered in both their meticulous detail and uncomplicated feature; designs that glittered in their incredible inspiration and deep meaning.