Memorable Artistry

Although the weather might have been gloomy, the fashions at this year’s Oscars were simply magnificent. With mesmerizing, dazzling encrustations, lace detailings, and more, the designs expressed such remarkable, unforgettable artistry.

Here are my top three looks of the night…

Rosamund Pike

Rosamund-Pike--aRosamund Pike looked incredible in this stunning red Givenchy gown at Sunday’s ceremony. This form-fitting design, with its richly hued coloration, textured floral appliqués, upper scalloped repetitions, cinched in corseted waist, deep v-cut on the bottom, and satin accents, evoked such beauty and craftsmanship in design.

Cate Blanchett


Cate Blanchett is always radiant on the red carpet and this year’s Oscars was no exception. Wearing a striking black velvet Maison Margiela gown, Blanchett looked absolutely breathtaking. And she exuded only more beauty and boldness with the stunning turquoise statement necklace she wore. Complementing the dark hued fashion wonderfully, the dazzling turquoise jewels emanated a quality of magical brilliance.

Emma Stone


In a glistening chartreuse Elie Saab gown, Emma Stone looked beautiful on the red carpet. This long-sleeved, sparkling creation exuded such finesse in design with its ornate beading and sheer detailing, patterned in such a way as to evoke the elements of the exotic world of nature. With Stone’s vivid red hair, the look was perfection.

I cannot wait for next year’s ceremony!


Beautiful Remembrance and Fantastic Talent

The Oscars was a fantastic end to award season. It was a show of beautiful appreciation for the wonderful, defining talents of the industry, for the thriving actors and actresses of the past and present, for the talents who were lost and will always be remembered for their impacts on the film world. It was a show for the whole film community. The Oscars was also a time of laughter, an environment of joyous humor and fun-filled gaiety and lightness, a time when the talents of film gathered together in spirit and welcoming merriment.

And the Oscars was also a fantastic end to award season fashion.

With an array of pale blushed hues and darker, midnight colorations…with an array of modern, sleek designs and ornamented gowns of romantic boldness…the fashions on the Oscars red carpet were marvelous in their defining, breathtaking uniqueness. There was such beauty within them, such talented artistry that magnificently spoke out for all to hear, that magnificently shined for all to see. Here are my favorite three looks of the night…


Lupita Nyong’o looked breathtaking in this stunning light blue Prada gown. This look was magnificent in its ability to carry with it both a magical delicacy and a quality of unquestionable fierceness. The flowing gown had this enchanting elegance, this unparalleled luminosity that shined in its angelic, pastel glory, that was beautifully mixed with this stunning fearlessness, this deep, striking v-cut down the center, that created a bold, fantastic look. Paired with a glistening golden headband, and other golden jewels, this look was perfect. Lupita Nyong’o is sure to rise in this film industry and I am very excited to see how she wonderfully develops in the future!


This glistening whitened hued, form-fitting Atelier Versace gown looked absolutely fantastic on Kate Hudson. This look was marvelous in its shining classic beauty and new allure. This fluid Versace creation held within it unmistakable qualities of modernity, of timeless glamour heightened with an unforgettable, bold freshness that was simply magnificent. This creation, encrusted with sparkling ornamentations and further livened with a striking, matching draped cape, gave off feelings of empowerment, qualities of wonderful strength. With a plunging neckline and overall shining charm, Kate Hudson looked terrific.


Cate Blanchett is one of the greatest talents in the world today. One cannot help but admire her incredible, unforgettable acting abilities on the screen and on the stage. She holds within her this marvelous strength, this power that gravitates the mind and spirit, that evokes the viewer’s emotions and allows one to fully comprehend the character she is playing. At this year’s Oscars, Cate Blanchett looked radiant in this blush Armani Privé gown. The gown had this lively grace to it, this breathtaking elegance that rose out of the design’s artistic brilliance and the designer’s skill. With the blushed sheer gown decorated with a variety of crystallized and pearl beadings and paired with matching earrings, Blanchett looked magnificent. I am so, so happy that she won the Oscar for Best Actress–the award she certainly deserved!

I cannot wait to see the red carpet fashions during the next award show season!

And the Oscar goes to…

With statues full of golden, hidden treasures and stunning talents full of praiseful skill and determination…

With directors, producers, editors, actors, actresses, designers, screenwriters, and more, coming together and recognizing the achievements of those that surrounded them…

With fun-filled laughs and musical numbers that held great energy and regard…

The Oscars was a night to remember…

And the fashion was worth remembering as well.

Closing the award show season with shimmering excitement and romantic, pale hued grace, the fashions of this year’s Oscars red carpet were absolutely stunning. And the actresses who wore them looked like perfection. With a wonderful, breathtaking combination of metallic dazzlements and light, romantic accents, the looks on yesterday’s red carpet left people with feelings of both bright vivacity and glowing charm; the looks on yesterday’s red carpet allowed people to live in both zesty, flavorful worlds and   whimsical, chimerical universes. Whether it was Nicole Kidman’s sparkling L’Wren Scott gown or Zoe Saldana’s lilac Alexis Mabille Couture creation, that fashions at the Oscars were magical.

Here are my favorite three looks…

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 6.17.09 PM

Amy Adams looked like a true princess in her strapless Oscar de la Renta ball gown. The look was entirely enchanting, with complementing, beautiful powder-blue shades and cascading, seemingly airless ruffles that tapered out effortlessly behind her. The bodice on the top added to the overall sophistication and delicacy of the look. Adams glided on the red carpet with experienced poise and frilly wonder. With dazzling diamonds, Adams radiated in both her majestic, consuming glory and delicate, refined elegance.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 5.41.52 PM

A bold, unwavering woman walked down the red carpet this past Sunday, embracing the power of couture and radiating in minimalistic design. And her name is Charlize Theron. This sleek, modernized, white Dior Haute Couture gown looked incredible. With its tight fit and glistening accentuated peplum waist, the gown shined in its confidence and refined, seductive edge. The structured tailoring and flowing train only added to the gown’s glory. Charlize Theron looked brilliant in her sharp, contemporary masterpiece, especially with her fierce, outspoken pixie cut.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 5.54.31 PM

Jennifer Lawrence is a true gem in Hollywood who, I believe, deserved the Oscar for Best Actress tremendously. Her natural talent is undeniable. Her genuine personality is unmistakable. And both of these qualities gleamed in their beauty on the red carpet this past Sunday. Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning in this blush, pale pink Dior Haute Couture gown. The grand, voluminous design looked extraordinary with its timeless bell-shape and flowing, rich train. The gown was full of luxury, enveloping superb, shining fabrics and details of light, sweeping textures. Finishing the look with a lovely diamond necklace trickling down her back, Jennifer Lawrence looked like a winner.

Marvelous in their simplicities and encrustations, in their sleek and resplendent natures, the fashions of the Oscars 2013 are worthy of remembrance…

They are worthy of their own Oscars!

A True Green Gem!

And the final Oscar for best outfit goes to… Viola Davis!

My one word to describe this outfit: radiant!

Au natural is the way to go!

Another amazing actress and another amazing designer! This Vera Wang custom gown was both long and flowing. With its emerald color and mermaid-style shape, this strapless, cleavage-bearing gown was absolutely stunning! Viola Davis truly stood out in this shining creation with its sparkling embroidered neckline and pleated detailing fanning out from the knee. This dress hugs Davis’s curves in all the right places and makes her truly glow! Besides the stunning gown, what I love most about Davis and this outfit all together is her decision to keep her hair natural. She finally decided to ditch the wig and be herself! I thought this decision was both bold and mesmerizing! Not being afraid to be yourself, isn’t that what fashion is all about? Davis was a real jewel this past Sunday and made the Oscars red carpet sparkle!

On a side note…Make sure to check back this weekend as I talk about one of the hot trends this upcoming spring that particularly caught my eye! 

Marilyn is that you?

Wow Michelle Williams, Your Week with Marilyn certainly paid off!

My one word to describe this outfit: classic!

Cute and coral! Marilyn..ahem.. I mean Michelle looked flawless!

I applaud to the creative director of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, not only because this dress was beautiful, but also because he picked the perfect person to wear it! Williams looked forever adorable with her short blonde pixie cut and bright coral and plum colored lips. This ruffled, coral colored dress was absolutely precious! With a peplum waist and a small bow at the hip, this dress showed elegance at its finest. Lovely, brilliant, and classic, this outfit was immaculate! With a simple diamond necklace to top it off, I almost felt as if I was seeing the real Marilyn Monroe come back to life! Love, love, and love!

McQueen Magnificence!

Jessica Chastain, you definitely did not need any Help with this masterpiece!

My one word to describe this outfit: breathtaking!

Intricacy, regality, and artistry all mixed into one exquisite outfit!

This Alexander McQueen creation was by far one of the most daring, risky dresses that was worn on the red carpet this Oscar Sunday. Not only was it unexpected and completely original, it was also on trend! The colors gold and black are very big this upcoming spring and McQueen sure did not disappoint! With its rusty gold, butterfly effect embroidery and remarkable texture, this dress was by far one of my favorites. It manifested a theatrical and regal air as Chastain walked gracefully on the red carpet. Jessica Chastain looked both imperial and radiant. Although Chastain did not win the Oscar for best supporting actress, she was a fashion winner in my book!

The Glitz and Glamour of the Golden Statue

Ah, the Oscars, a time when Hollywood’s leading actors and actresses come together to celebrate the film industry. It is a time when a variety of designers unite together with one set goal in mind; the desire to create something unique and memorable.

As the red carpet rolled out and the limos pulled up the street, the Oscars had truly begun!

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the fashion I saw this year. There were no big mishaps, no horrible, tacky dresses that exuded terror rather than beauty. Instead, there were beautiful creations that defined structure and grace. The designs were subtle, and most importantly elegant. There was an undeniable radiance as the actresses graced the red carpet with their all too perfect white smiles. From one-shoulder drapery to conservative long sleeves, fashion took many unique forms. Dresses of gold, white, and red encompassed actresses silhouettes as jewels of exorbitant prices graced their necks, ears, and wrists. I almost felt as if I were in Old Hollywood, with the glam of past actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor coming to life.  I decided to pick out my three top red-carpet outfits that I felt were the most stunning and noteworthy.

Over the next week I will profile my three favorite outfits. Make sure to check back!