A Love that is Intertwined


A pair of long-lost lovers individually enter a room. No distractions of the outside world are present. No problems or anxieties are near. There is no one else but them. They walk up to one another slowly until they are face to face. As their eyes meet, a breathtaking sense of warmth and remembrance courses through them. Love is awakened once more. A hand tenderly grasps a waist. A hand tenderly grasps a shoulder. And a pair of hands unite. 

Woodwinds, horns, and stringed instruments begin to sound. The waltz of the lovers commences. They glide, they twirl, they are connected with a poignant touch. 

Camille Claudel’s sculpture, “The Waltz,” inspires me to imagine the story behind the two carved figures and their dance with one another. There is such beauty in the admirable artwork, as it conveys an eternal embracement of form and spirit . The smoothly sculpted arms embrace. The hands grasp onto one another in loving harmony. The heads lightly rest in the crevice of the other’s neck…

And a gown lightly blows in the motion of the waltz, slowly disintegrating, as the curving forms of movement merge as one.

As the waltz comes to an end, the lovers gaze into the eyes of the other once more and smile.

Image Credits: Musée Rodin


Graffiti Dresses on Brick Walls

In cities, there is expression. There are endless opportunities to reveal inner beliefs, stress concerns, and pass critical views. There is an indisputable freedom–freedom of opinion and action. On the streets, there is decoration and personality. There are endless brick walls of design, color, and ideas. There are surfaces of rugged textures relishing in their artistic and imaginative appeal–there is talent, passion, viewpoint, and emotion. These wonderful creations are part of the broad, inventive world of street art.

Street art is captivating. It excels in its urban environment and both beautifies and regenerates the city appearance. These public visual works live off of their own unique language. Street artists use graffiti, street posters, stencils, sculpture, and more, to bring their views and contemporary edge to light.

One form of street art, graffiti, truly captivates this cultured taste and social attraction. Graffiti is a memorable form of individual attitude and artistic speech and style. Graffiti makes a statement that is hard to forget. It addresses controversial issues and beautifies them with colorful words and embellished designs. It speaks beyond the brick wall.

Graffiti has a purpose. And the fashion world has translated this purpose through spray-painted dresses and splattered fabrics. Fashion becomes graffiti as graffiti becomes fashion.

Bringing graffiti to life on the runway…

Street art is a form of liberty and flexibility. It is wildly bold and daringly controversial. It is artistically stimulating and enlightening. It makes an unforgettable presence and leaves an unremovable mark in the curious minds of the world.

Fashion is…well, I think I answered that question just above!

Runway looks…Manish Arora Autumn/ Winter 2012-13. Paris.